China plans to attract more internationawristband custom silicone braceletsl scientists

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BEIJING - China"s Ministry of Science and Technology Tuesday issued guidelines on recruiting more international researchers to take part in multiple scientific projects of major science and technology programs.

The international scientists will be involved in strategy-making, research, program management and assessment, and encouraged to collaborate with Chinese counterparts in joint research programs.

China, a major exporter of scientific talent to other countries for a long time, has in recent years increasingly attracted foreign born researchers with benefits like internationally competitive salaries and unique research resources.

According to the guidelines, China has been making full use of global innovation resources and deeply integrating into global innovative networks in the era of economic and scientific globalization.

By recruiting or attracting more international scientists, China aims to improve its national innovation system and further promoting the strategy of innovation-driven development, said the guidelines.

This is not the first time that China has targeted scientific professionals from the West.

In 2008, China announced the Thousand Talents Plan, which has helped to bring hundreds of leading Chinese scientists, academics, and entrepreneurs living abroad as well as foreign-born researchers to China over the past decade.

The newly-released plan will provide a platform for innovative talent around the world to work together at high levels and contribute to tackling global challenges, said the guidelines.

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