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The snow has finally melted and my kids have been outside as much as possible. The grass inst green yet but the temperature has risen and they are loving it! One sure sign of Spring here is bubbles! What kid doesnt love blowing bubbles? We made our own DIY Bubble Refill Station complete with homemade bubbles and DIY bubble wands which took all of ten minutes to whip together. The kids had a blast! Do this for your kids and they will love it! Such an easy activity that is inexpensive and keeps them occupied.

I have even made thisfree bubble station printable signthat you can print off and attach to your bubble solution and bubble wand jar! Just click the link and print it oncardstock paper. Then cut out each sign and use tape to attach them to the jars. I used a drink dispenser jar for the bubbles and a mason jar for the wands.

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Next youll need some excited kids! All four of mine were thrilled to go outside and play with the homemade bubbles! They were all decked out in their new duds from the Gymboree Hop N Roll collection! Arent they adorable? I love the Gymboree so when I saw their new line of play friendly kids clothes I had to get some for my kids. The prices are fantastic so it was easy to outfit all of them without breaking the bank!

Next make up a batch of homemade bubble solution (recipe below) using water, dish soap and corn syrup. Then use pipe cleaners and twist them into a circle on top with a wand shape for blowing bubbles.

Then let the kids fill up plastic cups with the bubble solution, grab a wand and start blowing bubbles!!

I love watching them enjoy playtime outside!

From playdates to picnics in the park,is proud to help dress the cutest kids in the sandbox.

I absolutely loveGymborees Hop N Rollline of mix and match outfits. It allows me to give Danika the freedom to choose her outfits while still looking put together! They are comfortable enough to play in too!

Check outGymborees new Hop N Roll collectionand then dont forget to print off thefree bubble station signand make some bubbles for the kids! Grab the homemade bubble recipe below or pin it for later!

Put in cups or a dispensing jar and start blowing bubbles!

Make your own bubble wands by twisting pipe cleaners into a wand shape with a circle on top.

What a great idea! I never thought of using pipe cleaners for bubbles. I love that you can throw them out when youre finished. Our bubble wand always gets all filthy from being dropped and then my daughter puts it back in the bottle. Cant wait to try this!

Oh how fun! I will have to do this for my daughters birthday party next month. She will love it.

Its definitely a great idea for a party!

I never thought of using pipe cleaners to blow bubbles. This is a great idea!

My kids LOVE bubbles. And now with these printable signs, the kids will have fun labeling their bubbles as well. Thank you for these!!

Youre welcome! Time to get to blowing those bubbles!!

What a great idea!!! This is perfect for those days that kids spend a lot of time outside! My kids would love this!

What a great idea for bubbles. I love that they can get their own.

And those clothes are adorable. I need to check out this line.

Ah you just brought back wonderful memories of my childhood, we used to love playing bubbles and I can not remember if we ever bought any as mum always made them for us. Your kids look so cute and adorable

Homemade bubbles are the best kind! Thanks for the sweet comment.

This idea is brilliant! I wish I had thought to use this when my son was little and we had bubble solutions EVERYWHERE!!

I remember when we were kids, we used gumamela flower and detergent soap to make bubbles. Its much easier now and it would really be fun for kids.

I used to be so addicted to blowing bubbles as a kid. I remember trying to fill my backyard with bubbles haha. Brings back good memories. 🙂

Those sound like the BEST kind of memories!

Oh man there is nothing as annoying as those bubbles spilling all over the place. This is an epic idea.

Lol necessity is the mother of invention!

I love this. So simple yet something the kids will always rememeber. I like the idea of using pipecleaners too. and the refil station is just brilliant!

My kids love the refill station and I love that it helps them help themselves!

This is a fantastic idea with the refill and the piper cleaners for the bubble wands. I never heard of using corn syrup in the bubbles so I will have to try this recipe. Thanks for sharing.

Yes, the corn syrup makes them stronger so you get bigger bubbles!

I really like gymborees girls clothes that she is modeling. so colorful and cheerful!

Yes, I am loving the bright colors this season!

My kids and I love playing outside with bubbles! This is such a great idea and would definitely be great for the budget.

Yes, it is definitely an inexpensive activity for the kiddos!

The recipe for bubble solution I know of, is similar but uses 4 oz of Glycerine instead of corn syrup. It extends the life of the bubble before popping, probably the same thing corn syrup does but less likely to attract bugs IMO.

What a fun idea! Your kids are too cute! Looks like they had blast with the bubbles.

Bubbles are always fun. Not having to refill bottles all day makes it even better.

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