Domes and Capping

Domed labels combine beauty and durability to showcase your brand in the best light. Impact Label produces domed labels that are impervious to water and can withstand extreme temperatures, most cleaning chemicals and salt sprays, as well as short exposures to gasoline and other automotive chemicals while maintaining their glossy, professional appearance.

Doming is a word used to describe the process in which polyurethane resin is applied over the top of a label or name plate, and allowed to flow outward to the edge. When correctly applied, the surface tension of the base material prevents the crystal clear, two-part polyurethane resin from flowing outside of the labels dimensions.

Once the resin is cured, it effectively forms a clear protective cap, or dome, over the graphics, thus giving it the name dome label. Our doming material is automotive grade, mercury-free, UV resistant, non-yellowing and scratch resistant.

With unique self-healing characteristics that allow the dome to spring back after it has been indented, the two-part polyurethane domed labels provide a tough shield to protect your information underneath.

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