Reloading Box Labels

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Here is aReloading Box Label templateI made in Word 2003 that uses the Avery 5163 shipping label (or comparable). You can modify this for your own custom labels. When you first open the document in Word, select Save as and under Document type, select Template, then save. Now whenever you need more labels, open word, select New, then Templates on my Computer, then 5163_Avery_Reloading_Labels. Now you can print them to your hearts content.

Hope you find it as useful as I do……Your Feedback is appreciated

I have Microsoft Word 2010 and cant seem to get it save properly.

Have you tried opening Word and then opening the file from inside Word?

Here is a screenshot of how to save a Template.

Under Save as Type select Document Template. This is 2003, but 2010 should be similar…..

Hope this helps…Your Feedback is appreciated

I just ripped off a dozen sheets and they printed perfectly. Thank you for doing this. Youre a gentleman and a scholar.Glad you find them useful…..

I also have some labels for shotgun loading, if anyone is interested…..Your Feedback is appreciated

I use a label maker. Type in what you want slap it on an ammo box, bag, or ammo can. Put something else in the box, take off the old one or just put new one over top. No computer or printer needed, I have one in the garage one on top of the safe.

Thank you very much for the time you put into these. These little boogers are not cheap at Midway. I have put them to good use and I appreciate you sir!

thank you, they work on 8163 also. WW

thank you, they work on 8163 also. WW

Thanks for the info. Just ran off some and they look good.

I use AutoCAD to make the labels and print on the full sheet of Avery label sheets.

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where rocks are shot at & milk jugs, too…

Very nice, just have to get some labels & Im all set. Thanks!

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I like the looks of your labels in word, gives me ideas.

I made some labels using excel that works for me. I made them to go on the end of the box.

I forget the avery labels they fit, but I like the end labels, you have to trim them a little as they are sometimes longer than the end of the box. I also make a label that goes on top of the box as well. I use excel because I am more familiar with it. I made them so that some info is one color and the actual whats used is another color, pretty. I have sold some with these labels and the folks liked them.

Ive put way too much thought into this.

They go on the cardboard boxes with the styrofoam inserts that Midway sells cheap. There is a similar design for the 45ACP and 7.62x39mm stuff I reload.

Ive put way too much thought into this.

They go on the cardboard boxes with the styrofoam inserts that Midway sells cheap. There is a similar design for the 45ACP and 7.62x39mm stuff I reload.I think you should start a new thread, rather than piggy-back this thread. Just my 2 of course…..Your Feedback is appreciated

I use a Sharpy, and write right on the box, then wipe it off when Im done

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