SeattleTacoma Conventions being held in Assembly Hall this year std of Tacoma De exjw

This was shocking news to me today when my aunt said she was attending the convention next weekend at the assembly hall, as the brothers said the TD was going to charge for parking this year, so the society decided to instead hold the convention this year in the assembly hall on weekends beginning next weekend. My goodness. I grew up attending conventions at the Kingdome, then the Tacoma Dome until I left. Watchtower is clearly having financial problems and is facing the beginning of its end.

Portland, Oregon is also switching to a smaller venue this year supposedly due to parking expenses. From the Memorial Coliseum to the Expo Center… its barely bigger than the Assembly Hall in Woodburn, but we were only using about half of the Coliseum seats anyways the past few years…

Wow theres growth everywhere!!

Small correction: Whoever told your aunt that Tacoma Dome was going to charge for parking this year was wrong. The real reason the conventions are in Puyallup this year is because the Tacoma Dome is being remodeled (which it desperately needs). Next year things should be back to normal AFAIK.

The conventions at the assembly hall start this weekend and will go for 12 more weekends through early September. The organization is charging each congregation extra $$$ for each publisher as a way to cover the cost of the convention being held at the assembly hall. Crazy since last I checked, the assembly hall maintenance was all being maintained by unpaid volunteers. Its crazy how greedy these guys are.

They are so greedy. I wonder how theyll try and sell their were in the red by $X amount for these conventions when they only genuine expense theyll have is water and electricity. Its interesting they didnt choose to rent out a local stadium like they did for the Intl convention held here.

With all the lawsuits going on nowadays, I dont think the organization can afford to use Husky Stadium again. And they certainly cant afford Century Link or Safeco.

Yeah it will be interesting to see what kind of deficit they announce at the conventions. Hopefully someone here can report back. For me, this will be my first year not attending the convention.

In San Francisco dubs closed down the big Cow Palace and everyone is now going 90 miles away to a smaller venue in Sacramento for their convention. San Francisco just merged congregations this month. Used to have 20 congregations in sf and now down to 7. I believe they may sell a one or a couple halls off now too in sf.

Conventions at the Cow Palace, such memories! As a kid you could really get lost and have adventures in there. I loved making the rounds in the cement corridors, dark and gray except for the glow of the green exit signs. When I was a teen, it was all about the social scene and checking out cute brothers from other halls. It was of utmost importance for me to be baptized at the Cow Palace instead of our boring assembly hall in Yuba City haha.

you described the cow palace perfectly. It was pretty cool wandering around the place as a kid.

San Diego Spanish convention also taking place at the Escondido assembly hall over various summer weekends instead of at Qualcomm Stadium

Not sure. Ive been going to the TD for my entire time in. We talked about this a bit here

I know its under construction so it will be interesting to see if this happens next year when its available.

Thanks for the link. I missed that discussion. The thought of conventions taking place in the Assembly Hall is so strange. Yes, Ill be interested to see if continues in the AHs or goes back to the Tacoma Dome.

Wasnt there a scandal about charging for parking somewhere? I cant remember specifically…

I did a long post about theTacoma Dome Convention Parking Scandalhere:

Thats weird. I live in Europe and here we had our conventions for a couple of years in a hall that has free parking ( it was on their website even!) and yet the brothers always would read a letter about how much every person should pay for parking, making it sound like the hall charged them apart for parking. I mean, the hall was in the middle of nowhere (unlike another one that is in the middle of a big city and where parking when there is not a Jdub convention always costs 15 euro for a day.) and noone would ever park there if they were not going to that hall. And noone could park anywhere else. It would be ridiculous if you could rent that hall and not have the parking included. It made me angry when they read those announcements. So reading all these posts to me it looks like they have found just another way to get money.

we had our conventions for a couple of years in a hall that has free parking ( it was on their website even!) and yet the brothers always would read a letter about how much every person should pay for parking, making it sound like the hall charged them apart for parking.

Interesting to learn that the WT Societys parking scam was used in Europe, too… Iirc, theyve been running that scam for a long time – over two decades?

yes, they werent allowed to, but they phrased it in such a way to make it seem you had to pay.

San Diego English had their last convention at Qualcomm stadium as well. 12k attendance. They are holding them at the Escondido assembly hall (capacity ~1200) over several weekends.

12k in a 77000 capacity stadium just didnt make sense anymore. I remember when it was regular 25-30k at the English convention.

In Edmonton here was just built Rogers place. It was used LAST year for the first time for the special regional convention where all across Canada it was held on the same weekend & streamed. This year its back to Red Deer And hosted over 2 weekends

Because they would have to pay for parking? Funny, I remember reading on here that the bOrg had been pocketing parking revenue for the Tacoma venue in past years.

When other locations were mentioning their downsizing of venues, I was wondering if that was going to happen here. Of course, theyll spin this as a loving provision, and I wouldnt be surprised if the statement about how the Tacoma Dome is going to charge for parking is a lie so people dont ask questions about the venue change.

First, Tacoma dome needs renovations-in a bad way.

Second, before hubby and I left, attendance at the Tacoma Dome for conventions…well….Back in 98/99/2000/2001/2002ish, if memory serves me-attendance was sweet as fuck. Packed, tons of people, happy fun time.

Last one we went to at the Tacoma dome-back in 2009/2010ish-attendance wise, was like (at least to me) 1/3 if not a little more less than 2000ish.

We only stayed until about 10:30 am when the kids were on the verge of dying of boredom (I already had) hubby suggested we go to freight house square for lunch. After lunch we some how ended up on the ferry from Pt. Defiance to Tahlequah where we dicked around up there for several hours, took the last ferry back went back to the hotel and crashed.

Fucked up part? No one from our congregation seemed to notice we were gone.

Theres an assembly hall in tacoma?

Weve been doing this in Australia for a few years now.

Im thinking when the tacoma dome is done being renovated they may not go back. The dome may ask more for their building in the future. Its a popular spot and giving it away to WT for a 3-4 weekends probably isnt going to happen anymore. I believe WT was getting a screaming deal and I dont think Tacomas going to do that anymore.

Exactly…..probably will stay at the assembly hall, or maybe memorial stadium. Let see…

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