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The Poster Works is a graphic solutions company and we pride ourselves in fast turnaround of custom made short run display and signage projects. We have a long history of servicing a wide range of customers including Exhibition Companies, Corporates, Signage Companies, SMEs, Individuals and Exhibitors.

We look forward to being of service to you.

The Poster Works supplies a wide range of outdoor display products.With our vast experience in this industry, we endeavour to give you the best advice on what would work for your application. Our outdoor products include :

PVC Banners, A-Frames, Car Magnetics, Cut-out Standees, Gazebos, Pop-up Banners, Posters, Sharkfin Flags, Stickers, T-shirts, Telescopic Banners and Wind Spinners.

We pride ourselves in our innovation and will happily custom design and build your branding solution.

Cutout Standees, Exhibition Stands, Photo Mosaic, Posters, Rollup Banners, Stickers, Wall Paper, Backlit / Light Boxes, Banner Wall and Canvas Prints.

We will always give you the best advice so that you can achieve maximum effect with your prints. We will gladly assist you through the process of choosing the correct printing process, materials, display system, and/or installation requirements for your project.

We supply upmarket indoor signage solutions from graphics to display systems. These includeCutout Standees, Exhibition Stands, Posters, Rollup Banners, Stickers, T-shirts and Banner Walls.

Templates help standardise jobs, reduce wastage (cost) and enable us to reproduce jobs with no difficulty. Please make use of our templates when laying out your designs. Ensure that artwork is supplied in pdf format if possible. All bitmap resolution must not be less than 72dpi at full size. Artwork too big? Dont worry. You dont have to drive all the way to drop off a disk, simply upload your artwork onto our FTP site and send us an email so that we can keep checking for it.

We pride ourselves in finding innovative solutions for our clients.Exhibition projects and signage projects are right up our street.From corporations to individuals, our ability and willingness to print just one sets us apart.

For excellent service and personal attention give us a call.