Thermal Labels

Premier Markings has a large inventory ofthermal transfer and direct transfer labels. Please see our stock list for details. All orders are shipped the same day or the next day at the latest.

Thermal transfer labels are adhesive paper labels that are die cut to certain dimensions and shape and are printed on by athermal printerandthermal ribbon.

If youre new to thermal printing perhaps this article will help Getting Started on Thermal Printing.

We only sell the best thermal labels that print and stick.Beware of cheap blanks, because the dont print or stick well !

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Thermal roll labelsmakes barcoding and label printing easy, and label printers more affordable.

Direct thermal roll labelsdo not require a thermal ribbon. They are chemically treated, heat sensitive media that blackens when passed under the thermal print head.

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We are a source for all yourbarcode labelrequirements, whether its for labels or equipment.

Barcode labels are use in many applications, some typical and some not so typical but wherever your barcode label is being applied, make sure it scans properly using the right thermal label and the right thermal printer.

Premier Markings supplies a variety of custom thermal labels. Includingclear thermal labelswhich are formatted to work on all your thermal printer applications.

You may require clear Zebra labels for your Zebra printer or Sata, Datamax, TEC with a black mark printed on the liner and the right ribbon combo you will be well on your way to printing your own clear thermal labels.

Variable data thermal labelprinting enables the mass customization of documents via digital print technology, as opposed to the mass-production of a single document using offset lithography.

There are several levels of variable printing. The most basic level involves changing the salutation or name on each copy.

There are a few grades ofdirect thermal labelsfor frozen food labels and deli labels that use a top coated direct thermal label stock. Although it is a paper stock there is a moisture resistant coating that prolongs the life of the direct thermal labels.

Polyester thermal labelscan be certified CSA and UL approved for various applications if suited with the right type of thermal transfer ribbon.

We offer many types of polyester labels that are available in silver, clear and white.

Creating acustom thermal labelcan minimize the number of labels required for your packaging. This adds up to very big savings, fewer copies to be ordered, larger volumes of one version, meaning lower unit prices. Not to mention the time it takes production to apply more than one label.

Pre-printing your logo and leaving an area for variable information to be printed at the time of application makes revisions easy.

Thermal labels come in many different shapes and sizes and even colours. Premier Markings has them all at the lowest prices !

Premier Markings has them all in stock and with the best adhesives on the market !

For higher usage, many of our customers usethermal blank labels. We use a premium thermal face stock to ensure maximum print head life. Thermal print heads are a very expensive wear item and we make sure you get your monies worth. Thermal labels are available with many adhesive options; removable, freezer, permanent and extra permanent. Premier Markings has the thermal label you require.

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Small thermal printers attached to cash registers at checkout counters go through alot of receipts in any given day.

They are a vital part of your business and without them you would be hard pressed to do business without giving your customers a receipt of their purchase.

Shipping labels are a vital part of daily business and you depend on them to get your product moved and also serves to keep your inventory databases in check.

Shipping labels are usually 4 x 6 paper labels that include vital information about your companys product and your customer s address.