Hi everyone! Was hoping to get some tips on doming resin pieces that have a rounder shape like these puffy hearts. Here are my the pieces that Ive ruined!;-;

When doming the fronts I always seem to have bad spillage that makes makes the front surface uneven, and making the back super bumpy! (I was using a doming mat which is why some of the bumps are so long)

Should I just glaze those pieces another way? Any tips would be much appreciated!!! :blush:

Use a nail file to scuff the surface some then use one of those cheap, plastic paint brushes (like the ones you find in kids water color sets) to brush on the resin.

Scuffing the resin makes it hold better.

Since theyre already domed in a way, that might be the best option to give it a nice shine.

Always dome the fronts first because spilling from back to deny is very un common

Sometimes it helps to peal off the drips. When it becomes cured enough where it wont leave fingerprints but soft enough where its pliable you can peal it off. I showed this in my coffee cup resin video on my YouTube channel!

These are so cute! Try waiting for your resin to get a little tackier and start with the front first. That way if any over spill, you can still sand and glaze the back. With the puffy hearts, I would recommend using a transfer pipette to drop a little bit of resin and smooth it over the surface with your gloved finger. After this, run your lighter over the surface to smoothen it out a bit more, but not enough to get the resin thin enough to over spill 🙂 Dont be discouraged though, youre on the right track and believe me when I say EVERYONE who works with resin has had trouble doming or glazing! And if they didnt, they are lying about it! :joy: :two_hearts: :sparkles:

I dome my front first and use just a little bit and spread it very slowly. Then the back if it has to be sanded I sand the bumps down and then dome the back. Hope this helps.

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