Crystal Clear® Series

® Series resins are water white clear and made specifically for applications that require absolute clarity. These rigid urethane casting resins differ only in working and demold times.® products cure at room temperature with negligible shrinkage. Cured castings are UV Resistant and are not brittle. Vibrant colors and color effects are achieved by adding SO‑Strong® color tints.

From 10 ounces to over 10 tons poured at one time,Crystal Clear® resins have been used by industry and artists around the world for over 25 years. For projects calling for absolute clarity, UV resistance and color versatility,Crystal Clear® has been used to create some absolutely astounding pieces.

Crystal Clear® resins are formulated for specific ranges in casting thickness.

Make Your Own Clear, Weather-Resistant Sign

How you can replicate a tail light lens of any car using optically-clear resin.

This sequence demonstrates making a two piece silicone mold using Mold Star® 15 silicone rubber and Crystal Clear® 200

Bubbles in clear castings can be removed by using a pressure casting technique, a shown in this tutorial video.

Inventor Mike Gershwin of Evansville, IN, sat in traffic one day staring at the trailer hitch attached to the truck in front of him.

A recent Crystal Clear™ industrial application involved Ford Motor Companys restoration of The Red Buses Of Glacier National Park in Montana.

Bergdorf Goodman, a world-renowned luxury goods department store based in Manhattan, is known for its creative holiday window displays.

Watch Figuration Studios turn sculpted EPS foam into a visually stunning clear resin outdoor art installation.

After the success of the original The Santa Clause, it was only natural that the second installment be bigger and better than the original.

How Sculpture Fabrication, Inc. creates art using Crystal Clear® 221

Nassal Fabrication in Orlando, FL. was commissioned to mold and cast a large Buddha statue

Ursala Von Rydingsvard created this giant Crystal Clear® sculpture.

Aiming for an entry in the Guinness Book Of Records, the final casting was to be over 12 tons of resin.

Ski Dubai Ice Dragon Crystal Clear® Display

Creating a world class display that would be viewed by millions of visitors to New York Citys Christmas Wonderland.

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