rGerman and Prussian orders,medals,badges and decorations. Imperial, SA, NSDAP, HJ, Luftwaffe, Wehrmaht, Kriegsmarine badges.

Germany, Imperial Germany, German States, Weimar Republic, 3rd Reich

Baden, Military Field Service decoration (Baden Felddienst-Auszeichnung).

Issued over long period of time 1831-1879. Letter K beneath the cannonballs, this stands for the designer – Ludwig Kachel. Medal details are quite nice. Ribbon appears original, shows wear. 31mm.

NEW!Baden (Dutchy) Order of the Zhringen Lion, Knight 2nd class with Swords. Considered by many to be one of the most attractive amongst the Worlds orders. Unique in utilizing highly domed green glass inserts in the arms. Intricate floral motifs between arms – original frosted silver finishing still intact. Sword tips and hilts attached with typical, round domed rivets. Silver frame and gilded swords, reverses centre ring an the lion appears to be manufactured in gold. Center painting in great condition, as is the reverses red enamel. Unmarked – this is normal for Knight class insignia. Good length of a very fine and original ribbon, threaded through double loop (this is all proper for this award). Workmanship is of the highest quality. Few typical wear imperfections to the glass surface, nothing serious or detractive though. Otherwise, excellent condition. 40 mm wide, swords measure 48mm in length. Stunning piece! Item Ger-191

Prussia, Kaiser Wilhelm I, 1897 Centenary Medal. Good quality, bronze gilt. Original ribbon arranged on proper bar with red felt backing and securing horizontal pin. Good details, shows wear. 40mm in diameter. Comes with an original, reduced version of the same medal. Reduction measures 16mm; arranged with bow style ribbon and fitted for a button-hole. Some tarnish is evident but details are very good.Item Ger-190 (70)

Prussia, Service to the State (Verdienst um Den Staat)

silver medal. It is likely of the 1880s and later vintage. Struck in silver, excellent patina with a nice touch of tarnish throughout. Original ribbon. Shows light wear, few contact marks but otherwise very good and better condition. 39.2mm diameter, 2.6mm planchet.

1864 Dppel Storm Cross for combatants

. Original 1st striking in bronze. Later strikes tend to be silvered in appearance. Complete with original ribbon (hard to find since original ribbon stock was of poor quality – contained too much cotton and fell apart with only moderate wear). Cross in bronze, shows great details and very good condition. Ribbon is fatigued around the suspension area. 32.2mm wide, planchet 2mm thick.

issued to Prussian and Austrian recipients (Prussian version had W FJ on the reverse and Austrian version listed FJ W) taking part in the War of 1864. This example is of the first official striking in bronze (rim inscription from captured cannons) and with very nice

ribbon (stitching on the back, light soiling). Berlin mint striking. 29mm in diameter, planchet is 2.5mm. Item Ger-187 *SOLD

Hohenzoellern Commemorative medal for 1848-1849

campaigns. Official issue by the Berlin Mint. No ribbon, excellent quality and condition with only few spots of tarnish. 30mm, planchet is 2.3mm thick.

WW1 period aviation cockade with propeller and wings

. This design was used as shoulder board insignia. Cockade is likely unofficial but related to the air services. Metal parts (light gilding). Nice, white silk covered insert. Shows age, attachments intact. 34mm x 24mm.

Prussia – Napoleonic Wars 1813-1814 commemorative medal

. Struck in bronze (from enemy cannon – rim impressed). Medal in excellent condition (these are often found in rough shape). 29.2mm diameter. Great details. Ribbon is that of 1864 campaign medal (original stock). Item Ger-183 *Sold*

Kingdom of Bavaria, 1813-1814 Campaign cross for officers and other rank

s. Gilded bronze. Obverse of national symbol within wreath, arms inscribed: Konig und vaterland. Reverse inscribed: Fur die jahre 1813 und 1814, Max Josephs cipher with rays surrounded by wreath to centre. Cross in remarkable condition with only slight wear to gilding. Thick suspension (as it is proper). Display arranged on incorrect contemporary ribbon. It would be hard to find such cross in better condition. 32mm x 38mm.

Bavarian Merit Cross of the Order of Military Merit, 3rd Class with swords

. Bronze, very good quality and condition. Contemporary combattant ribbon. 43mm wide. Nice item. Swords (34.5mm long) attached via thick rivet. Item Ger-180 (85)

Order of The German Eagle, silver merit meda with swords – 1943 type. (Deutsche Verdienstmedaille in Silber mit Schwertern)

. Struck by the Austrian mint in Vienna in silver (835 fineness). Complete with proper ribbon. Condition is excellent with only a minor edge knock (between 1 and 2 oclock). Medal shows lovely patina and light tarnish in recessed areas around the inner trimm. Rim is impressed with the following: MUNZAMT WIEN A 835. It israther hard to find these last type medals (after 1943) of such good quality and in real silver. Majority of these were made in lesser materials. This would make an excellent addition to a collection of WW2 medals or such. Medals measures 38mm in diameter, swords are 29mm long. Item Ger-179 *Sold*

Hohenzollern, Principality – 1842 Silver Merit Medal with Swords. (Silberne Verdienstmedaille mit Schwertern)

. Awarded between 1866 – 1918. Excellent quality, silver – swords are gilded. Remarkable original ribbon (usually found without). Small edge ding on bottom right, otherwise very good condition. Item Ger-178*SOLD*

Mecklenburg-Schwerin, XV year long service cross 1868-1913. (Militr Dienstkreuz 2.Klasse fr 15 Jahre)

. Version for NCOs and enlisted. Excellent quality and original ribbon. Award shows slight wear only. Cross is in polished copper with nice patina. Recessed areas are tarnished. Centres appear to be silver gilt and are separately attached. Cross is 36mm wide, centres 16.2mm in diameter, planchet 3mm – 3.2mm. Excellent example of this relatively scarce award. Item Ger-177 (195)

Brunswick, War Merit Cross – 2nd class

(Braunschweig Kriegsverdienstkreuz II. Klasse)

. Bronze, toned tarnish in the recessed areas. Complete with short length of original (combattant) ribbon.

. Details are outstanding, crisp pebble background pattern (often smoother in copies). Note the thicker, flat-sided suspension (copies usually feature simple wire – round ring). Sealed eyelet. Planchet is 3.0-3.3mm (it is proper to have the centre slightly thicker than the extremities on this cross). 30.4mm x 30.4mm. Really nice cross. Item Ger-176 (155)

Mecklenburg-Schwerin, 1914 War Merit Cross – 2nd class

. Excellent quality, great details. Darkening around the eyelet. Original ribbon faded and showing wear with few pulls and punctures; there is a fold crease as well (likely due to ribbon being folded over long period). Suspension eye bears a punch mark but it is not clear enough to make out the details. 41.2mm wide, nice thick planchet of 4mm. Very good condition. Item Ger-175 (135)

Iron Cross, 2nd class. Magnetic core

, fine original ribbon (lightly soiled). Maker marked to ring – hard to make out, perhaps 17. Cross is 42.5mm wide, arms are 23mm wide at the widest. Overall finely detailed. small chip to lacquer (left arm top on the reverse) and a rub to centre of the oak leafs. Item Ger-174 (95)

Hessen-Darmstadt Order of Philip the Brave (Orden Philipp des Gromtigen). Knight cross 1st class with CROWN and SWORDS (Ritterkreuz 1. Klasse mit Krone und Schwertern)

. Complete with original box of issue and ribbon. Set of high rarity as this was the least awarded combination of this Order. Cross in GOLD, perfect enamels. Excellent quality, multi part construction. Crown finely chiselled, details of swords are very nice as well. Fitted case of issue with gold embossings to lid (such case is very hard to find). Box shows little age but overall in great condition. Cross measures 40mm in width, crown 19mm wide. We do not have the numbers issued of this class/combination but from our research we gather those were quite low. Email for additional images if desired. Item Ger-167 *SOLD*

Order of German Eagle – 3rd Reich (Deutscher Adlerorden V Klasse) 5th class civil. 1943 type (there were 3 distinct types of this order: 1937, 1939 and 1943), all proper hallmarks present (900 and 21 on ring along with 5 to top of the clamshell type suspension). Complete with original, fitted case of issue. Box has few decent repairs (done in wood and painted to match – namely front/right top edge). Top embossing of German Eagle well preserved, satin lining with name/class gold application. Black velvet lining with fitted areas for the cross and ribbon suspension pin. Hinge of the case is nearly perfect. Silver (900 fineness) gilt cross by firm of Godet in Berlin withflawlessenamels. Few dark spots here and there (patina). Original, watermarked ribbon shows few dark spots and with original hinged locking pin for fastening. Clamshell suspension (some call it fan) impressed with number 5 denoting class of the Order – this is proper and normally missed detail on copies. Measurements: cross is 45mm wide, 51.33mm to top of ball suspension (roughly 4mm dia) and ring of 11.5mm dia. Ribbon is about 41mm wide. We would grade it as a textbook example (cross), box in good condition – perfect for an open display. Fairly rare on the market andunquestionably original. Item Ger-162 *SOLD*

Hannover, Waterloo Medal for Volunteers 1813

. Bronze, lightly soiled ribbon appears original (nicely watermarked). Excellent highlights, shows slight wear (minor edge bumps) – otherwise very good condition. 34.5mm in diameter. Wonderful example of this hard to find medal. Item Ger-157 *SOLD*

Hannover, Napoleonic Wars Medal for members of Kings German Legion

. Bronze, great details and condition. Ribbon appears to be a very old replacement and it looks great. Medal measures 34.5mm in diameter, 3.3mm planchet. Reverse bearing full inscription. Scarce medal. Item Ger-156 *SOLD*

. Edge impressed with recipients name:

. Brunswick Jaegers saw a lot of action at Quatre-Bras and later at Waterloo. They carried off their mortally wounded Duke Frederick William of Brunswick-Luneburg (aka. The Black Duke) on 16th of June (at Quatre-Bras). The Black Brunswickers participated in many of the Napoleonic campaigns including Peninsular War and briefly re-taking their city of Braunschweig from the French in 1809. Their black uniforms with the skull-and-crossbones headgear badge is unmistakable. The name on the medal has not been researched; would be quite interesting to do so but well leave it to the new owner. Original steelsuspension clip. Bronze, 35mm in diameter and 4mm planchet. Shows light wear and nice age toning. Overall, condition is very good and better. Engravers (designer) name beneath Dukes bust: C. Hseler. Proper replaced ribbon. Excellent medal! Item Ger-155 *SOLD*

Saxony – Gotha – Altenburg 1814-1815 Campaigns Medal. Version for enlisted

. Very attractive and unique in finish (thick gilding on all raised letters/motiffs). Striking design, easily one of the most recognizable medals of all time. Bronze, gilt and matte green lacquer coating. Medal in excellent condition (definitely the best weve seen to date). A few small chips to green lacquer (normally this is quite worn). Edge deeply impressed: *HERZOGTH.GOTHA.VND.ALTENBVRG.MDCCCXIV*MDCCCXV*. Large medal at 42.2mm in diameter and 4.1mm planchet. Original suspension ball/eye. Beautifully toned with age. Proper, replaced ribbon. A definite must for Napoleonic Wars medal collector. Item Ger-154 *SOLD*

Baden, Military Field Service decoration with 1870-1871 bar (Franco-Prussian War)

. Bronze, super quality striking. Complete with original ribbon (worn). Bar is also original (38.4mm x 5.5mm). Medal is 31.3mm in diameter, planchet 3.8mm thick. Excellent condition (medal). Item Ger-153 *SOLD*

Hanseatic League (cities of Lbeck, Hamburg and Bremen), Napoleonic Wars Military medal, 1813-1814 in silver

. Medal issued to members of the Hanseatic Legion. Apparently there were two types: gold and silver. Some sources indicate another one in bronze. Gold medals are extremely rare. Presented here is very nicely preserved silver medal. 36mm in diameter, 1.9mm planchet. Maker/designer: LOOS marked just beneath the middle city shield. Medal in very good condition; all details are still crisp and the inscriptions are very clear. Normal wear, few minor scratches and one small hit above letter e (reverse – in the word Vaterlandischen). Proper replacement ribbon. Excellent medal. Item Ger-152 *SOLD*

Schwarzburg- Sondershausen 1814-1815 Campaign Medal

. Principality of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen, a German state in Thringia sent a battalion-sized contingent as part of Thuringian Brigade of the Prussian Army: Schwarzburg Line Battalion along with Schwarzburg Landwehr Battalion. Bronze, excellent quality strike. Old, silk ribbon of proper colours. Medal shows light wear (especially reverse) but considering all – wed rate it as excellent. Best example we have ever seen. 32mm in diameter, planchet 2mm. All medals were made by: D.F. Loos, but not marked. Very rare. Item Ger-151 *SOLD*

Nassau, Waterloo Medal 1815 in silver.

Rare medal and in great condition, showing only slight wear with few contact marks. Initials: I.L. (designer/engraver: Johan Lindenschmit) beneath bust of Friedrich August. Very attractive. Proper replacement ribbon. Nassauss contingent consisted of roughly 3000 soldiers and saw a lot of action during the battles (Quatre-Bras and Waterloo). 28.9mm in diameter, 1.9mm planchet. Item Ger-150. *SOLD*

Saxony – Weimar 1809-1815 Military Medal Treuen Kriegern. Ger: Sachsen-Weimar Militarische Medaille 1815

. Also known as the Waterloo Medal. Oxydised bronze (or copper), very old tri-fold ribbon. Medal in very good condition, die struck. Shows slight wear. 28.7mm in diameter. Rarity on the market. Weimar mustered relatively small contingent, they saw action in defence of Quatre-bras and later. Guaranteed original. Medals were made by D.F. Loos but unmarked. Item Ger-149 *SOLD*

Bavaria- Napoleonic Wars Military service medal for Officials in bronze. Ger: Medaille des Militar-Denkzeichens fur 1813/1814/1815 fur Militarbeamte

. Obverse of national lion with swords within a wreath upon 4-armed cross with rays between arms. Arms inscribed: Konig und vaterland. Reverse of similar design with exception of centre motif which is letter M (Maximilian Joseph I) and inscription to arms: Fur Die Jahre 1813 und 1814. Proper old replacement ribbon (generous length). Thick suspending eye with sealed ribbon ring. Excellent condition! 30.5mm in diameter. Superb example of this hard to find medal. Item Ger-147 *SOLD*

Excellent quality. Bronze gilt, enamels (some chipping) – twisted wire border. Very attractive. Knurled pin for fastening. 16.2mm dia. Item Ger-84 (20)

Beautifully made in form of the burst star with enamelled center medallion. Inscribed: Suum Cuique ; V.R.W.G 25. Original knurled pin. Maker marked to reverse: Paul Kst, Berlin SW12 – Geschutzt. 32mm in diameter. Very nice. Item Ger-83 (20)

badge in form of an Iron Cross. Appears to be silver, minor chipping to red enamels. Backplate fastener, maker marked: Whitehead & Hoag Co. Newark NJ. 18mm x 18mm. Item Ger-77 (28)

Saxony, Nursing Cross. 1914-1915 type

(there were several variatons). Bronze gilt, enamels intact. Shows light wear. Proper replacement ribbon. Good quality. Slight wear to gilding. 28mm wide. Guaranteed original. Item Ger-75*SOLD*

Bavaria (Kingdom), 1849 IN TREUE FEST medal.

Very well struck in bronze gilt. Somewhat tired, original ribbon. Designers name beneath Kings bust: C.VOIGT. Obverse inscription: MAXIMILIAN II KOENIG V. BAYERN. Medal in remarkably good conditioin, just few dark spots. 31.5mm in diameter, thick planchet. Considerably rare on the market. Item Ger-72 *SOLD*

Hannover, named Langensalza 1866 medal.Name deeply impressed to rim: H.F. SITTIG. The Battle of Langensalza fought between Prussian and Hannoverian armies (reinforced with some Gothian troops), was in fact the last time German States went to War against each other. Hannoverian troops won the battle but were forced into capitulation 2 days later. With the signature of the capitulation on 29th of June 1866, the end of the Hannover Kingdom was sealed. Another historically important event took place during the conflict.

In 1864 the Convention of Geneva recognized and named the Red Cross organization as we know it. At Langensalza, 30 volunteers from Gotha and vicinity, trained in nursing, hurried onto the battlefield. For the first time in the history of warfare, they carried the sign of the Red Cross (on their arms) onto the battlefield.

This medal was issued to anyone involved in the conflict; Bronze, well struck. Ribbon is proper but a contemporary replacement. Designers name beneath Kings bust: JAUNER. Shows wear and few dark spots, about 40% of original gilt remaining. Hard to find with impressed name. Item Ger-69 *SOLD*

German-Italian campaign in Africa 1942/43 medal.

Original medal in bronze with excellent ribbon (proper width of Italian made ribbon). Shows slight wear (medal and ribbon) but no damage. Designer marked: De Marchis along with manufacturer Lorioli Milano. Excellent example. 31mm diameter. Ref: Brambilla page 810. Item Ger-166 *SOLD*

Schlesischer Adler – Silesian Eagle 1st class in black enamels. A most superb example by MAX REICH in BRESLAU.

Silesian eagle decorations are rarely marked (Maybauer and Max Reich are the only marks weve ever encountered with Reich being rarer of the two). Black enamelled badges were a deluxe version made some time in the 1920s. Appears to be silvered tombak. Excellent details, few minor enamel chips (really small). Silver plating somewhat worn. Badge lightly vaulted, flat pin for fastening. 42mm x 31mm. Note that this is an earlier version by this maker which has enamels between talons. Truly amazing piece for discerning collector. Item Ger-165 *SOLD*

. Early example, riveted construction. Bottom plaque in gilt, top one silvered. Badge is nicely vaulted and complete with original pin for fastening. Guaranteed original! 41.5mm x 31.3mm. Item Ger-164 *SOLD*

Silesian Eagle Decoration 2nd class (1918-1919)

. 3-part construction (silvered plaques attached with small rivets) in oxydised metal. Well detailed, Fr Schlesien plaque with original black lacquer background (hard to find with this feature). Short, original ribbon is soiled. Suspension marked with what appears to be 2 or Z. Often copied – award offered here is unquestionably original. 46mm x 32mm. Excellent example. Item Ger-163 (130) *SOLD*

Teutonic – German Knights Order. Neck cross of Grand Master in gilt

. Newer version of this ancient Chivalric Order, probably dating from 1970s or so. Considering all – quality is very good, no enamel damage. Complete with full neck ribbon and ties. This handsome cross is unmarked. Design is largely based upon old breast cross of the Grand Master of the Order from XV century. 96mm (overall height) x 50.5mm. Great condition. 2 part construction. Item Ger-169 *SOLD*

Iron Cross 2nd class, 1914 on original tri-folded ribbon (Austrian style). Maker marked F.

Magnetic core. 43.2mm wide. Shows age and some wear. Item Ger-168 *SOLD*

Hessen-Darmstadt. 1840 – 1866 Military Merit medal (Militarische Ehrenzeichen, felddienstzeichen 1840-1866)

. Awarded for bravery and conduct during wars. Excellent quality and condition, appears to have an original ribbon (rare to find). There is evident fading and slight soiling to ribbon, also few minor pulls. Medal in bronze, 32mm dia and thick – 3.5mm planchet! Wonderfully patinated but with very clear details. Would be hard to find better example. Ref. OEM 933. Item Ger-173 *SOLD*

Saxony, War Merit Cross (Kriegsverdienstkreuz), 1915-1918

. Bronze, ribbon arranged from different pieces in proper colour scheme (hard backing). Cross in excellent condition. Awarded only for 3 years and it is not commonly seen on the market. 35.8mm x 46.7mm; planchet 2mm. Item Ger-172 *SOLD*

Argonne (Argonnen) Cross 1914-1918 (Ger. Argonnenkreutz

. Issued sparingly after WW1 ended to some of those who endured this bloody campaign. There were 4 different crosses made for following frontlines/campaigns: Somme, Champagne, Verdun and Argonne. All are fairy rare on the market. Simple yet elegant design, two-tone enamels (absolutely intact). Plain reverse (proper) with impressed manufacturers mark: FLECK & SOHN HAMBURG 3. 2 part construction (center disk attached to body). Proper ribbon arranged in parade-style – unsure if original but showing some soiling and light fatigue. Overall – great looking cross form Weimar period. 40mm wide. Appears to be silvered copper. Item Ger-161 *SOLD*

Teutonic Order/Deutsche Ritterorden . Neck badge of the Familiar of the Order or the Prior-Priest.Familiars of recent times wear simple cross with circular suspension and Prior-Priests of the old Order used such cross with fancy enamelled suspension. Badge offered here bears both features and our (limited) references do not show this particular combination. It is probably of the inter-War period, perhaps a little earlier. Badge in bronze gilt with white/black enamels. Some repairs to reverse center of the cross (profesionally done and not detractive). Comes with original neck ribbon/ties. Multi part suspension assembly with very good details (feather pattern to top loop etc). Shows wear and age, spider cracking visible to cross but no major chipping. Cross is lightly vaulted, well finished (unlike newer badges weve had a chance to examine recently). Dimensions: cross of 41mm in width, 62.5mm high (to top of round part at top of the cross); enamelled top ribbon retainer is 23mm wide; planchet of the cross around 3.5mm in thickest part. Currently, there are 350 Familiars of the Order of which 12 are honourary Knights. Prior to WW2 this number was considerably smaller but our references give different numbers (50 and 100). Familiars cross shown in Van Durens book (Orders of Knighthood, Awards and the Holy See), page 109. Truly wonderful example and of high rarity. Dont miss this one!! Item Ger-160 *SOLD*

Oldenburg, WW1 Friedrich August Cross 2nd class with Vor Dem Feinde bravery bar

. Cross is magnetic, blackened. Bar with proper, flat folding prongs. Ribbon appears to be replaced. Slight wear to black, otherwise excellent condition. Hard to find with this bar. Cross of 40.2mm x 40.2mm, bar is 35.1mm x 5.9mm. Nice set. Item Ger-171 *SOLD*

Prussia, Order of Red Eagle, gilt medal 3rd type (1908-1916) in gilded copper

. 25mm , 2mm planchet. Original ribbon. Some wear to gilding, traces of verdigris. Overall good and better condition. Item Ger-170*SOLD*

Prussian Red Cross merit medal, 1898-1921.

Bronze gilt with enamel. Classification is tricky, since references dont list a class in bronze with enamels (only 2nd class in silver with enamels, 3rd class in bronze, zinc or pot metal). The medal itself is in good condition, some wear to gilding and few light scratches. No damage to enamel. Medal is court mounted (by F. Sedlatzek); original ribbon somewhat soiled. 33.2mm diameter, 3mm thick. Very interesting medal. Item Ger-32. *SOLD*

Commemorative medal of Prussian-Saxon Union.

Medal issued on 50th anniversary. Saxony was one of the biggest and strongest of German States and Prussia had to keep good relations with the Kingdom. Oval medal in bronze, traces of gilt. Old, watermarked silk ribbon. Obverse of the rulers with inscription to edge: Zur Erinnerung, 1829 11.Juni 1879. Reverse of coats of arms with scrolls below, Imperial crown upon a winged cherub to top. Very nice detail. 24mm x 20mm. Rarely seen and interesting medal. Item Ger-117 (35)

Teutonic/German Knights Order Professed Knight or Priest – breast cross in silver. Heavy quality. Highly raised black enamelled center. Wide border properly decorated according to statutes. It has a feel of German manufacture but it is unmarked. Tested positive for (800 +) silver content. Thick pin for fastening. Dimensions: 64mm x 60mm – it is somewhat smaller then Professed Knight class but little larger then Priests (cross as worn in Germany until early 1930s). Bearing in mind that newer (Post WW2) German Knights Orders insignia are of same design – however quality is considerably inferior. Very nice piece and in great condition, nicely patinated. Item Ger-159 *SOLD*

Order of the Teutonic Knights (also known as Order of German Knights, Order of Knights of Prussia and Order of the Marian Cross and Deutscher Ritter Orden). Established in 1190 by Duke Frederick of Schwabia as an Order of Knighthood under the name of German Order of Hospital of St. Mary in Jerusalem. Originally only German noblemen were admitted, later on it become a Roman Catholic Order, membership extended to most distinguished members of the clergy and other Noblemen (mostly Germanic origins). After the fall of Jerusalem, Order concentrated activities in North Eastern Europe where it came to great power as a Teutonic Order (State).Territories under their influence included Prussia, Curland, Livonia, Estonia along with parts of Lithuanian Dukedom and Polish Kingdom. Cross-border conflicts with surrounding powers along with political/religious issues lead to war with crucial battle of Tannenberg (Grunwald) in 1410 – the single largest battle or Mediaeval Europe. The Teutons lost the fight and their capitol Marienburg (Malbork) was besieged by the Polish armies shortly after. Marienburg fortress would not yield though. Even though not really defeated, their crusade of expansion was over. For nearly 4 Centuries Order became increasingly influenced by the Brandenburg and Prussian powers. Finally, in 1809 Napoleon had partially dissolved the Order after defeating German/Prussian/Austrian armies in numerous battles. Under Austrian protection Order was re-established (by Ferdinand I) and their statutes drawn in 1839. In 1871 the Grand Master of the Order Archduke Wilhelm established a new category of the Order called Marian Knights and Dames.

Offered here is aProfessed Knights Breast Crossof highly unusual construction. Double hinge system for backplate and the pin. Backplate lifts up (it is held down with a thumb-nut) to reveal copper center cross which is black enamelled. Some quality repairs to center part of the cross – hard to notice. Decorative trim, hand etched-engraved details of the wide border. Undoubtedly, Teutonic Knights cross was an inspiration behind design of the IRON CROSS. Small part of the corner is missing but it is rather not detractive. Entire cross ( except center part) is of silver. Reverse backplate is hallmarked for 1872 regulation Austrian silver (800 fineness) and makers punch mark (appears to be letters JG and it is unknown to us). Same markings are punched to the cross (seen when backplate is lifted); also there are two As along with partial makers punch on the pin. Few scratches here and there but nothing serious. Cross is quite fantastic in appearance and quality. Should be considered unique, perhaps one-of-a-kind. A must for serious German/Austrian/Teutonic insignia collector. Cross is lightly vaulted, 68.5mm high and 62.5mm wide. It would be hard to pin-point exact period but 1870s to early 1900s would not be far from true. Relatively rare item since there was a limited number to professed Knights, especially in the late 1800s. Often seen in old photographs as worn by German and Austrian Nobility (Archduke Eugen always proudly wore his breast cross). Item Ger-158 *SOLD*

Oldenburg 1914 War Merit Cross (Friedrich August Cross)

2nd class. Blackened iron (magnetic). Shows wear (mostly flaking to black finish) and age, some rusty spots throughout. Good details to all. Very interesting original ribbon, arranged in the tri-fold style with safety pin type fastener. Moir (watermarked) ribbon shows age, few pulls and light general wear. 39.5mm wide, uniform 3mm thick planchet, slightly raised crown/FA/date. A textbook example. Item Ger-185 *Sold*.

Wrttemberg War Merit medal 1793-1815

(Kriegsdenkmunze fur die Feldzug). This earliest type of the medal (no designers initials) was issued for the Napoleonic campaign. Medal for one campaign (einem feldzuge.). Considering its age, it is in very good condition, showing typical wear and nice patina. Ribbon is likely to be an old replacement and it also shows some wear and fading. Bronze, 30mm diameter. Item Ger-184 *Sold*

Prussian Red Cross service medal (1898-1921) 3rd class.

Typical WW1 example with tear shape top. Original ribbon lightly soiled. 33.2mm diameter. Medal is very clean, original finish intact. Item Ger-21 *SOLD*

Saxony, Military Association medal, Town of Seifhennersdorf branch.

There were many such branches of the Association of Honorably Discharged Military throughout Saxony organized between 1826 and 1870s. After much deliberation these were unified under the name of Saxonian Military Association Federation in 1873. Silver medal, nicely detailed. Full inscriptions: Verein Verabschiedet. Militairs, Seifhennersdorf 23 Sept. 1855. Reverse: Treu Fr Knig un