Finishing ICE Res – Domg

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After youve made a molded piece from ICE Resin, finish it with an elegant domed top surface.

White Plastic Garbage Bag (to cover work area)

Mix a small batch of resin. For more detailed instructions see Using ICE Resin with Bezel Pendants Technique.

Choose a finished molded ICE resin piece. We chose an oval shape from a resin mold.

Add the same color you used for the molded resin piece. We are using two drops of red opague pigment.

Using a stir stick start mixing the pigment with the ICE Resin.

You have now added color to your ICE Resin to match the molded resin piece.

Place your molded resin piece on a flat work surface with the back facing up.

Slowly begin to pour the ICE Resin over the back of the molded resin piece.

Using a stir stick gently guide the ICE Resin over the molded resin piece until it is evenly covered. Make sure the ICE Resin goes all the way to the edges.

Let the ICE Resin fully cure for a minimum of three days.

Congratulations! You have now finished your molded ICE Resin piece using the doming technique.

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