Glass Block

The glass block wall that now adorns our top deck has been a dream of Marks since he was drawing up the original plans for the Dome of a Home with Jonathan Zimmerman.  Mark seized the opportunity to replace the aluminum railing with glass block after contacting Pittsburgh Corning Glass.  I was a bit concerned about reducing the air flow and becoming too hot.  That has definitely not been a problem.  I guess the way the wind swirls around the Dome, creates its own breeze, so it is very comfortable up there.  I am thrilled with the results!  We have countless numbers of people drive by each day to take pictures of the Dome.  Not wanting to be in photo albums across the globe, I rarely used the front Master Suite deck.  The glass block wall provides me the privacy I desired and it looks absolutely stunning.  Another piece of art by Byron!

Mark has always used an abundance of glass block in all of his homes and offices.  I love the ambiance it creates with its many personalities.  Elegant, retro, private, yet reflective.  As far as we are concerned, you cant go wrong with glass block.  We appreciate the helpfulness of the staff at Pittsburgh Corning Glass.  Our next project is the back deck.