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An alien on the run from his own people makes friends with a girl. He tries to help her on her quest, but can be an interference.

Tips cat, Pig, is an uncommon male calico cat. Most calico cats are female since the gene that controls the calico pattern is located on the X chromosome. For Pig to be male and a calico, he would have to be genetically XXY.

Gratuity Tip Tucci: What is the purpose of your face?

Oh: I has confusion. I do not wish to be erased. But maybe Captain Smek is right. It is possible, I will continue making hilarious mistakes.

Oh: That is not making me feel better.

Gratuity Tip Tucci: Nobody is perfect. You know, my …

When Boov lie, they turn green. However, when Officer Kyle lies about erasing Oh, he does not change any colour. That is because he believes he HAS accidentally erased him.

During the credits, Oh and Tip in all the pictures in the app.

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