Interior Remodeling

What to Spend on Now for Long-Term Saving

Discover which home improvements will save you big bucks over time, making them worth the initial investment.

Remodeling your home? Make sure you avoid these nine designs to stay modern.

Give your house a facelift with these inexpensive DIYs.

Want to break down a wall? Check here before you begin.

Living in the Dark Ages? Use these 8 ideas to make your space feel brighter and bigger.

Calm your nerves in a few simple steps!

Erin Condrens Top-Down Approach to Organizing a Home Renovation

Keep yourself organized during a home improvement project with this pros tips and tricks.

Remove and Replace an Old Stair Banister

Learn how to quickly and cheaply replace your stair banister.

Plastering your concrete walls is easy. Just follow these four steps!

Look here before deciding on your next renovation project.

Need a boost in your health, wealth, finances or career? You need to Feng Shui your home or office! (Or

Blending an Old Home with New Inovations

7 considerations to upgrade and preserve at the same time.

7 Changes to Make in Your Home Before You Age

Your current home may not be able to accommodate you as you age, but these 7 simple changes will prolong your stay and make life as easy as possible.

7 Simple DIY Ideas to Give Your Home a More Universal Design

Creating a safe space for people of all different shapes, sizes, and abilities is easier than you think with these 7 simple DIY solutions.

Tips for Saving Money on a Renovation

Trim the cost of your renovation with some budget-busting tips.

Important Universal Design Numbers to Remember

Taking into account the varying levels of independence of family and friends, knowing the right way to approach home renovations will rely heavily on these universal design numbers.

7 One-day Remodeling Projects to Add Value to Your Home

Rome may not have happened in a day, but these DIYs can! And, they can add value to your home!

Selling your home? To get the most from your property, give a little TLC to these six areas potential buyers will be looking at.

How to Set Up a Soundproof Enclosure Around Your Power Generator

Is your noisy power generator getting on your nerves? Make a soundproof box for it!

How to Smooth an Uneven or Damaged Concrete Floor

You can make almost every concrete floor look great with the right steps!

Revamp your living space by applying a fresh coat of paint on your wooden stair railings.

Make a little reading nook in just six steps.

Dont let odd angles get in your way. Learn how to frame different wall joinings like a pro.

Empty Nest? Rent out a Spare Bedroom

Dont let your space go to waste. Out with the old and in with a new source of revenue.

Looking for an amateur woodworking project? Try this guide for building your own chest of drawers!

5 Non-slip Tread Ideas for a Wooden Staircase

Wooden stairs can be slick and dangerous, but the hazard is easy to fix. Learn about the options you have for making your stairs safer.

Build a special place in your home for a childs library.

How to Restyle Your Home Without Remodeling

Give your place a new look without knocking down a wall.

Incorporating Subtle Universal Design Into Your Home

If youre building a home from scratch or doing a major remodel, consider incorporating universal design into the design.

Building a Walk-In Closet Step-by-Step

Follow these steps to build a walk-in closet.

Converting Your Garage into a High-End Home Office

It doesnt have to be just a giant storage box that holds holiday decorations.

Extending the Life of Your Home by Decades

Every aspect of your home can be renovated through Universal Design to meet YOUR needs.

Tranform Your Garage Into a Man Cave

Protect Your Home From the Wear and Tear of Remodeling

When youre remodeling, the dust can seem like it never settles. We have some tips for keeping it at bay.

Follow these steps to build a spiral staircase.

Make the Most of High/Low Interior Design

Confused on when to spend and when to save? We share five tips that will get you the perfect blend of high/low design.

5 Design Trends Best Left in the Past (And What to Replace Them With)

What good would it be if we told you whats outdated? This list gives you alternatives for each and every eyesore.

11 Home Improvement Trends That Will Shine in 2015

The New Year is here which means exciting new home improvement trends! Is your workshop ready?

Did good by not buying a money pit? Keep up the good work by not making it into one with bad investments.

5 New Years Resolutions for Your Home

While youre creating your health and productivity resolutions for the new year, dont forget about resolving to make your home the best it can be.

How to Soundproof a Basement: Laying a Damp-Proof Membrane to Protect Electrical Wires

Follow these steps to soundproof a basement.

Remodel an old house in different stages with paint, appliances, and hardware.

Considering different laundry room remodeling ideas before embarking on a remodel can lead to permanent, practical and attractive results. No longer is your laundry room simply a place where clothes are washed and random items stored. Homeowners have realized the importance of including every room in

For someone who is handy with tools, building a wooden TV cabinet can be a relatively easy and fun project.

Show Off Your Collections With a Wall Display Cabinet

Nearly everyone has something they enjoy collecting and theres no better way to show the collection

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