Metal Stamping + Basic Jewelry Supplies

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If youre new to jewelry-making, it can be difficult to know what supplies you really need, and where to find them.  Included on this page aremy personal recommendations based on my own experience.  None of these suppliers have paid me to endorse their product, though I love these products so much that I do have working relationships with some of these brands.

When you start your shopping here, my goal is to take the mystery out of what you need to get started.  If you make purchases through these links, I make a small commission.  These affiliate links are one of the ways Im able to afford new products and supplies so that I can continue to offer free tutorials and to keep the website up and running!

If you click to buy, there is no additional cost to you.  I also want to say thank you for supporting me by allowing me to make these small commissions!

Ill be honest: I had no clue what to buy when I began metal stamping.  I spent $100 on my starter kit and as soon as I learned a little about it I replaced almost every single thing I bought with something better.  It was a complete waste of money.

Consider how much you think youll enjoy stamping this will help you decide whether to buy something economical, or something higher-quality.  I have recommendations for both!

ImpressArt is one of the largest suppliers of quality stamps, and the price point is quite reasonable.  They carry economy stamp sets of their most popular fonts at a price point around $20.  For $60, you will get stamps that are well-marked for straight stamping in a case that keeps letters from getting mixed up, falling down or getting jumbled together.  You also have MANY more font choices.  I do recommend choosing a font you really love from the start!  A utility set of letters will give your pieces an industrial look.  If thats what you want, then perfect!  It works great in steampunk and masculine designs, among others.  I started with an industrial set.  I would wager that I used it maybe ten times ever.  I would have been better off investing in a font I really loved.

To shop a variety of fonts, click here.  My favorite fonts are Scarletts Signature, Newsprint, and Bridgette. You can also click the images below to learn more about individual sets.

Some additional, optional tools may be necessary to complete certain projects.  Consider these items as well:

Beyond that, some projects may require rivets, eyelets, texturing hammers, and more but I would only worry about purchasing those if you fall in love with a certain look or technique you want to try.  The above supplies are plenty to get you started.

When it comes to jewelry blanks, I have not yet found any that I really dislike *except* the generic, silver-colored (unknown metal?) ones that you can find in local craft stores.  As long as you read the description and the product can tell you exactly what metal its made from, and usually the gauge (thickness) of the metal, then you should be able to trust it.

Soft metals include pewter, aluminum, and analloy by ImpressArt called Alkeme.  These are all great for beginners!  Sterling silver is also a fairly soft metal, but of course, its expensive, and beginners might not want to practice with pricey blanks!

Beaducationhas the most diverse selection of blanks in all metals, in my opinion.  If youre looking for silver blanks, or some very unique pewter blanks, I highly recommend them.  They are actually one of the few companies from whom I dont make any commission at all, but I still believe strongly in their products!  They have a lot of modern and trending designs, and their original design stamps are made in the US.

Hello, and welcome! Im Adrianne, an artist, author, designer, and blogger in mid Michigan. I work from home, chase my two kids, and this once-city-girl is learning how to care for chickens and adjusting to life out in the country. I have a compulsion for daily creativity… sometimes its jewelry-making, paper crafting, metal stamping, mixing and baking, or giving new life to recycled items. But with 2 young kids, time is short! My goal here at Happy Hour Projects is to share projects and tips that you can do in an hour or less. The ideas you find here are designed to add a little creativity in your day, no matter how much (or how little) time you have!