Resin Coated Guest Book Serving Tray

A wedding guest book can be the perfect keepsake to shed light on what your event was like, who attended and what special wishes they wanted to share. You might not think much of a guest book today or even a few months after your event, but for me, this year is our 10 year anniversary and looking back on the little notes we have from our loved ones is truly something to cherish. But in some cases, the things that youd like to have your guests sign might be hard to preserve. So I had an idea to cover guest signatures with resin and it totally worked! I bring you theDIY Resin Coated Guest Book Serving Tray in two totally different colors and styles. The creative part of this project happens after your wedding, so you can look forward to having something fun to do after the celebration is over!

If youve already finalized your wedding guest book this would be super fun for your bridal shower! It would also be great for anniversary parties, retirement gift from co-workers or even for a baby shower!

Find a plastic tray that fits your wedding theme, these are fromTargetand they come in black, white, red and blue but many stores carry something similar. If you want to use regular colored Sharpies, I would recommend using a white tray. For all other colors of tray youll need to use the Silver, Bronze or Gold Sharpies as theyll actually show up.

Crafters Tip:you can try the Sharpie colors out on the underside of your tray to make sure youre happy with the colors and then wipe them off immediately with alcohol.

Have your tray and Sharpies (maybe even bring a few extra) out at your reception and let your guests add their message of love. If at the end there are little gaps in the design fill them in yourself!

Let the Sharpie messages dry for at least 24 hours, 48 or 72 is even better, before you move onto the next step.

YouMUSTdo this step. If you dont, the resin will dissolve the Sharpie messages. How do I know? Because I did it and then had to throw that tray out and start over!

Any clear Mod Podge will do. Seal your signatures by painting two thin coats of glue, with at least an hour of dry time in between. Then let this dry for 24 hours.

This EasyCast resin has very specific instructions:

I dont see how pouring into a second cup would make any difference but whatever Im a rule follower and so I followed the rules. I measured my resin and hardener in two different cups that I marked where to fill the liquids to. I used two different cups so that the measurements would be perfect. I then poured one into the other and mixed for 2 minutes. Then I poured the whole batch into a new cup and mixed for another minute.

This measurement turned out to make 14oz total, 7oz of each to fully cover the tray with about 1/4 of resin. Which was perfect and left me with 2oz of resin leftover that I can now make a piece of jewelry with or something!

Once fully mixed, simply pour the resin onto the tray. Using the stir stick make sure the resin flows to all edges.

This step is optional but AMAZING! Take a lighter and quickly glide it over the freshly poured resin to eliminate any bubbles. Literally they vanish with the heat, its kind of fun to watch!

Let the resin cure for 72 hours where no one will bump it and nothing will fall on it. After 24 it will be pretty firm but for a solid, glass-like finish it needs 72 hours. Or potentially a bit more if its really hot where you live.

The resin adds an amazing texture and depth to the serving tray and will ensure that your special little notes and signatures will last forever!

How romantic would it be to bring your love breakfast in bed on this very special and sentimental serving tray!?

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