TFC Manufacturing Inc

TFC Manufacturing is a diversified Aerospace / Military Metal Forming, fabrication, Welding and assembly company. Our capabilities include 5 Axis CNC Machinning, Laser Cutting, Assembly, Fusion, Resistance and Seam Welding.

TFCs customers are among the top Aerospace/Military contractors. Products manufactured by TFC are utilized in Military and passenger Jets & Aircrafts, Helicopters, Space Staion and many other sensetive applications.

Addition of 3 new CNC turning and milling machines.

Addition of Maitsubishi 5 Axis Laser Cutter

TFC was established in March 1999 to provide exceptional products and service to Aerospace industries.

We started with a limited workforce of 10, and have grown to over 130 employees.

TFC received its AS9100 Quality System registration in July 2006, and its NADCAP Welding accreditation in May 2007.

TFC capabilities include: 3 & 5 Axis Laser cutting, 3 & 5 Axis CNC Turning and Machining, Water Jet Cutting, Deep Draw, Stretch, Hot and Bulge Forming, Hydro Forming, Resistance and Fusion Welding, and a complete Assembly line.

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AS9100 C, NADCAP Fusion and Resistance Welding Registered.

TFCs Quality Assurance Department is staffed by industry knowledgeable quality personnel with years of training and experience in manufacturing environment.

TFCs QA Department utilizes state of the art inspection tools and machinery, including: FARO Arm CMM System, Wilson Fully automatic Hardness tester. . . . . .

TFC Boasts of a total Customer Quality Rating of 99.96% for 2012-2013 Period.

TFCs Policy: At TFC we are commited to:

Providing products that satisfy customer needs.

Complying with applicable requirements

Continually improve the effectiveness of the quality system.

Flow Water Jet: 60 X 120 X 12 Thick.

Mitsubishi 5 Axis Laser: 60 X 120 X 12 5 Axis

C.R. ONSRUD CNC Router Machine 48 X 120

Mazak Vortex 1400: 5 Axis CNC Machinning center with huge load capabilities.

TFC employs the use of conventional CNC and turning centers as well.

TFCs forming capabilities include Brake Forming, Hydro Forming, Stretch Forming, Bulge Forming, Deep Draw and Hot Forming.

TFCs vast knowledge and machinery capabilities in different forming operations enables us to keep all aspects of production in house, and eliminates the need for outside resources and sub contractors.

TFC is experienced in forming all kinds of Aluminum, Aerospace Alloys and exotic materials

TFCs welding process is both registered by NADCAP and Prime Aerospace contractors.

TFC is registered for both Fusion and Resistance welding in different alloys and exotic material.

With addition of welding to its capabilities, TFC has become a diversified Aerospace manufacturer, eliminating the need for subcontractors, so TFC can have full control on its manufacturing process.

Please see NADCAP Registration in Quality page.

TFCs assembly department is the last stage in most production jobs.

This is the stage where every component comes together to produce the final product.

TFCs assembly department personnel, with years of experience and extensive training have the capability to deliver the most complicated product and assembly.

TFCs Engineering and Quality Assurance personnel are heavily involved with Assembly personnel in every aspect of assembly process.

TFC designs and manufactures all tooling in house.

TFCs Engineering tool design and state of the art machinning department, including 5 axis tool machinning capabilities enable faster turn around and more accurate and reliable tools.

Rapid tool design and manufacturing capabilities have helped TFC to respond to its Aerospace customers stringent leadtime requirements favorably.

With addition of new machinning centers, TFCs engineering tooling department are always ready to accept new challanges.

TFCs Engineering Department consists of some of the most knowledgeable engineers in metal fabrication and forming industry, with years of education and experience. TFCs engineers are involved in every aspect of the product manufacturing, from the beginning phases of review and quotation, tool design, material review, manufacturing process, Advanced Quality Planning, and inspection process.

TFCs Engineering Department is equipped with latest state of the art CAD/CAM and MRP system, ensuring the control and monitoring of every production step.