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This article is about the Dominican merengue singer. For the Trinidadian reggae singer, seeQueen Omega (singer).

Antonio Peter de la Rosa[a](born January 17, 1979) better known by his stage nameOmega El Fuerteor simplyOmega, is a Dominican singer and songwriter.[2]He is a modernMerengueartist based inSanto DomingoDominican Republic.[3]Since 2007, Omega has enjoyed increased popularity in theDominican Republicand withDominican-Americansacross the United States.[4]He has also penetrated music markets inSpainItalyandLatin American.

Omega has helped create and popularize[5]a new form of Merengue, called Merengue Urbano or Merengue de Calle.[6]It is a blend of merengue withHip hop, Rap andR&B.[7][8]This new genre has been adopted by many artists from diverse backgrounds such asandColombian-bornShakira.[8]

Peter de la Rosa began developing his musical talent at a young age, by 13 years of age he formed his first rap group.[9]Afterward he began appearing onvariety TV showsin the Dominican Republic and won several singing competitions as part of the groupAlpha y Omega, from which he derives his stage name.[9]Later on Omega formed the band Omega y Su Mambo Violento, which in 2005 released its first album titledOmega y Su Mambo Violentoon the label Allegro Music. The album spawned his break-out hit, Alante Alante.[1]This was followed by aCasandra Award, given in the Dominican Republic in 2009.[10]Omega then attended his firstLatin Grammy Awardsin 2010 and also performed atPresidente Beers Festival of Latin Musicin 2010, both events were pivotal to his international recognition.[2][11]Also in 2010, Omega was able to tour theUnited Statesand performed inand atElizabeth, New JerseysRitz theater, to name a few venues.[12]Omegas continued popularity led to his being signed byAkon, through his record labelKonvict Musikin 2011.[13]Akon has confessed that Omega has helped him to conquer the Dominican market.[14]Akon has also influenced Omegas music leading to Merengue with an Electronic blend as can be heard in Omegas 2012 hit, Merengue Electronico.[15]

Omega was born Antonio Peter de la Rosa[16]in the town ofBonaoDominican Republicson of Ercilia de La Rosa and Sergio Peter.[9]He grew up in Pantoja, aneighborhoodofSanto Domingo.[1]Omega is currently married to Miguelina Sanchez, they have two daughters Alejandra and Mariela Sanchez.[9]

(Gocho featuringJowelly Omega El Fuerte)

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Omega packs a lot into merengue shows.

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