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E Excellence VF-84 Navy Patch


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I Love The Smell Of Jet Fuel Bumper Sticker

Navy Hospital Corpsman Charles O. Sare

Assigned to Naval Ambulatory Care Center, Port Hueneme, Calif.; currently serving with Multi-National Corps Iraq; killed Oct. 23, 2006, from enemy action while conducting combat operations in Anbar Province, Iraq.

I would like to say thank you for having Wyatt Goldsmith on your wall . I

love that guy and miss him every day . Wyatt was my friend and awesome person

not only as a great ODA guy but a great person to be around . Thank you for

giving Wyatt Goldsmith ODA-1314 the recognition he deserves . I will let his

father know John Goldsmith and Nicole his sister that he is remembered .

Thank you . I am grateful for people like you and your company .