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Looking to get that no label label look? Printingcustom clear labelsare youronly option to finish off your packaging.These transparent labels are made of clear cast PVC that supports full-color prints.

Clear label stockblends seamlessly into the background, creating a neatand professional base for your branding, for premium waterproof prime labels that work well for product packaging (cosmetic labels, bath and body labels, water bottle labels, and so on).They are economical, and hold up to changes in temperature, moisture, and frequent handling.

Clear cast PVC is the only material that is fully transparent, meaning your labels will be printed with less saturated colors due toits inherent see through property.

Just remember that the loss in color vibrancy is due to material, not color values! Your artwork printed on opaque label material (such as standard paper and white plastic film) wont give youthe same colors when printed on clear label material because thereis no backbone to support the ink to make it look more solid.

This is a very important consideration, and a big factor to keep in mind when preparing your label artwork. To keep colors bright and opaque, choose white ink printing underneath tosimulate printingon other stock such as paper and plastic film. Lets take a look at how its done.

As the stock is not opaque, colors will print lighterdue to the clear castPVCbase.

Your artwork previously printed on opaquestock (paper, foil, plastic film, kraft) will translate differently on this stock, and there is less visibilityunless you use white ink printing underneath.Without a white wash underneath, ink colors wont have anything tobounce off of andwillappearwashed outon thistransparent label stock.

Compare areas with white ink Printing Ink v5 does not have a white wash underneath, so the black ink looks very washed out. White areas are underprinted with a white wash so that these white areas doesnt appear like watermarks on the final print.

You can certainly use this unique label stock property for artistic effect:Use whiteink underneath to make important text pop, and leave other areas clean of white ink to make them appear more washed out, as in using a watermark effect.

For solid logos and images, flood the whole area underneath with white ink to ensure that your printed-right-on-the-bottle look achieves better contrast and brighter, more saturated colors, as it were on an opaque material.

NOTE: Uncoated, clear labels are already smooth and glossy. However, you can further customize your clear labels with a coating of gloss or matte laminate.

CoatingsorLaminatesconsist mainly of pigments (chalk, clay, or talcum). Without any processing, these are powdery substances that would be blown off the paper surface like dust. To keep them in place, binding agents (such as starch) are used so that they stick to each other, and to the clear cast PVC. Process materials add specific properties to the coating.

Again, on the graphic layered ink (which is basically your print), we recommend another layer under thatthe white ink layerto make your prints appear more solidly and to avoid washed out looking labels with this transparent stock.

Coating enhances the PVCsvisual and tactile characteristics and also improves its printing behavior, allowing the use of very fine screens, yielding more color in thinner ink layers and producing more contrast in printed images.

Coating makes the labelsstiffer it even adds weight and thickness to your clearlabels.

Coating makes your clear labels a bit more durable because it protects the base (and of course the print on the plastic) against ink scuffing and wear and tear.

While with other opaquelabel materials, coating would be a functional aspect (allowing writing after printing, or making paper labels moisture-resistant), with clear PVCyou could simply step back and consider if the finish will suit the intended look of your custom labels. This would be more for the final look of your custom clear labels.

If you are gettingclear PVC labels for its waterproof qualities, but would like to tone down the shine inherent in the PVC material, choose matte coating or matte laminate. This dulls down the finish of your labels so it wont reflect light as much. NOTE: Matte laminate will make your label slightly opaque so it will no longer be completely see through.Matte laminate is suitable for application on frosted surfaces,.

Printing labels with photos, promotional messaging, or needing a vibrant multicolored logo label? Perhaps gloss would be betterits smooth and highly reflective property will definitely make colors more vibrant, on top of the already glossy PVC label stock. Gloss laminate preserves the see through look of the label.

Gloss features full-color prints nicely, and product labels will look more professional and commercial with a fine coat of this kind of laminate.

TIP: Printing solid areas on clear labels will give you that no label look, with the color of the packaging standing in as your background color, making the transition from label to container clean and seamless.

Remember to store your clearlabels in a dry place, not exposed to sunlight, as these labels will fade more quickly if not stored in the recommended conditions.

Whether you choose uncoated or coated PVClabels for your labeling needs, make sure you consider the above characteristics. Once you are ready to move forward, and you find yourself in the designing stage, you also need to be aware of print considerations so that you get exactly what you need for your product labels.

Remember to list down the requirements of your print project, prepare your design correctly and be sure to have your designer perform a Prepress Check so that you receive perfect custom clearlabels, every time. Rememberalso to thoroughly clean the surface of your containers with alcohol and letting this dry before you apply your labels to ensure excellent tack.

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