Self-adhesive labels

We use more than 300 different kinds of raw materials for labels. If necessary, for your choice we can provide more special raw materials from the range of the EUs best-known producers of raw materials. We can create label exclusivity not only with high resolution HD Flexo print quality but also a wide range of decorative post-press options. Read more about additional post-printing processes and labels here. Depending on primary packaging of the labelled product, we can produce individual shapes of labels. Over the many years of business, we have accumulated a wealth of label punching shapes, therefore, you are welcome to take advantage and choose something from our available range of labels.

Each labelled product has its own distinct character and special labelling and storage conditions. When we receive your answers to questions about your product features, we can choose the most suitable glue to your labels.

If your product is labelled at room temperature, has no humid, oily or dusty surfaces, most likely, we can use long-term multi-purpose adhesive glue, but if the product surface is wet, greasy or dusty, we recommend you to choose special, advanced adhesive glues.

If the label is attached on the frozen surfaces, we will find a solution for this production as well. We will recommend you something if, after marking, the labels will have to be removed from the products, without damaging their surface, leaving no marks or traces of glue after washing.

Labels are produced using raw materials and inks from internationally recognised suppliers, companies with many years of experience and their raw materials comply with EU legislation requirements for secondary food and non-food packaging. To ensure the quality of products and production processes, we work in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 quality management system procedures, and implement continuous improvement through the best LEAN practices.

the period of manufacture of new projects and make prompt changes in existing projects.

We make printing forms for flexographic printing in our Repro studio,

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