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Thesecustom iron on labelsare a permanent solution to all your clothing labeling problems. The iron on name tags for clothes are easy to apply – all you need is a hot iron, 15-20 seconds and voil!

Our custom iron on labels are great for all types of clothing. To apply these small custom labels for clothes, all you need is 15-20 seconds and a hot iron and youre set. Our custom iron on clothing labels are a great alternative to our stick on labels if youre looking for a permanent labeling solution on clothing that doesnt have a sewn in garment care tag. Our laundry safe clothing labels are 100% washable and will hold up wash, after wash, after wash!

Product Safety InformationOur Small Square Iron On LabelsSHOULD BE APPLIED BY AN ADULT. All of our labels are made with non-toxic materials and eco-solvent inks. Our iron on labels are apermanent labeling solution. Keep an eye on the labeled items if theyre going to be used by young children to make sure that they stay intact and are not accidently ingested.

Our Iron On Small Square Labels are laundry safe.

To get the best results with your Iron On Labels:

Pre-heat iron to high – make sure steam setting is OFF.

Warm up the area where the label will be applied by going over it with the hot iron.

Place your IdentaMe Iron On Label (text side up) on the garment and cover with the enclosed Kraft paper.

Press firmly over Kraft paper with hot iron for 15 – 20 seconds

Check to make sure that edges arent lifting. If they are, cover with Kraft paper and press again with iron.

Iron temperatures can vary. If the iron is too hot, the label may start to melt so turn down the heat setting or decrease your time, and vice-versa.

Always use the enclosed Kraft paper. Direct contact from the iron will casue the label to melt.

When ironing a garment after the label has been applied, do not go directly over the label.

Iron On Label Warning: Should be applied by an adult!

Current Label turnaround time is shown inREDat the top of this page.

Your Small Square Iron On Labels will ship using USPS First Class mail unless you choose one of our faster options when you checkout.The faster options are USPS Priority, USPS Express, and FedEx Three Day. We can also ship your labels using UPS or other FedEx options – just give us a call and we can work out the details and the cost with you. If youd like to provide us with your UPS / FedEx account number, well have your account billed directly.

Postage and handling charges are based on the dollar amount of your labels.

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