Specialty Labels

Companies must invest in ways to promote and advertise their products. MR Label Co. offers copious varieties of custom labels that will help distinguish your product from the competition. Contact MR Label Co. for creative ideas to help promote your product or organization at 1-888-LABELCO.

MR Label Co. customers have approached them on numerous occasions requesting intricate, custom labels, which were specific to their industry or company. After some R&D, MR Label Co., has proven to be successful and met their customers demands.

– Metallized Cold FoilOptions Link

– Decorative Holographic Cold FoilOptions Link

– Metal Effect Cold FoilOptions Link

– Security Holographic Cold FoilOptions Link

– Custom Holographic Cold Foil Options Link

Throughout history, foil has been used to honor and adorn people, places and events. Pure gold was the primary source of foil. After the painstaking task of pounding gold into thin layers, the foil was then formed into armors, caskets, statues and shields. It was also used on important documents as a seal or certification of authenticity. Today, foil is being used more than ever. It is a valuable tool used to enhance illustrations, packaging, and labels. Cruise the shopping aisles, and you will realize the most noticeable products are imprinted with foil.

– Polyurethane 3D domed labels (automotive grade)

– Foil and embossed labels (anniversay and seals of excellence)

– Custom scratch and sniff labels (NOT stocked items)

– Re-wetable ink for coloring books and tattoos

– Glow in the dark labels and decals

– Heat transfer label with flexible ink (commonly used for air casts)

– Electronic digital medical bottle cap labels

– Nephrocuetical and vitamin bottle labels

– Polycarbonate/Lexan labels, high abrasion resitant

– Transparent windows and special die-cut adhesive

– Circuit boards and push buttons can be incorporated

– Medical equipment, instrument and control panels, keyboards, fitness equipment, tv and appliances, remotes

– Durable custom polysytrene and vinyls tags (10mil- 40mil thick available)

– Consecutive number hang tags and parking permits

– Hole punch with string or special die cut shapes

– Self laminating tags to seal hand written dates

– Brushed silver, bright and matte silver polyester adhesive labels

– Holographic and phosphorescent labels

– Brown kraft, Estate 9, and wine bottle materials

– Tamper evident, destructible, and void adhesive labels

*SeeAvailable Stocksor contact 1-888-LABELCO for a more complete listing

– Re-positionable or removable adhesives

– Aggressive for textured or low surface energy (LSE) surfaces