Adhesive Dispensing Meter Mix Equipment

The process of encasing/protecting an electronic assembly within a container, typically using a thermosetting material which provides resistance to shock and vibration, or exclusion of moisture and corrosive agents. The main difference between potting and encapsulating is that with the latter, the container is removed from the article.

Vacuum Potting/Encapsulation:Using a vacuum environment to ensure void free potting or encapsulation. Typically consists of a metering system (single or plural component) and a suitable vacuum chamber.

Doming:Applying a clear doming material (urethane & epoxy) to the surface of labels, nameplates or decals for the purpose of creating a clear raised (domed) surface. Used to enhance and protect the appearance of these products. Scripting: An automated doming process using XYZ motion to traverse scripted products

Bonding:Using adhesives to join two or more items together.

Sealing:Using adhesives to create an airtight/ liquid tight closure between two or more items. Filter Applications: End cap bonding. Using a Thermosetting resin to bond filter media to metal or plastic end caps. Also, using a mold to create an elastomeric end cap. Centrifugal Molding: Using centrifugal force to create a media to housing elastomeric seal on cylindrical filters (NIOSH, HEPA).

Gasketing:Using a single or two component resin to simultaneously make and adhere a gasket in place.

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