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Private Brand/Direct Import/Supply Chain

Welcome to The Home Depot where we strive to be the best corporate partner possible in our communities. We make positive contributions as a neighbor, an employer, a retailer and as a profitable investment opportunity through successful and strategic operations of our company.

Prospective US Merchandising Suppliers:

f you are a prospective supplier for stores in the U.S. that is not currently under contract with The Home Depot and are inquiring to have your merchandise sold within our retail stores or online via , then you will need to complete/access the following:

Innovation is a priority at The Home Depot. Our merchants have a process to periodically review innovative products and this website provides the capability to receive your product submissions. If you are interested in becoming a Merchandising/Direct Supplier to The Home Depot, please visit our

To access the Supplier Diversity application (products and expense), and to see if your business qualifies as small or diverse, please visit our

site for both merchandising and non-merchandising suppliers interested in doing business with The Home Depot.

Prospective Non-Merchandising Suppliers:

If you are a prospective Non-Merchandising supplier looking to:

Provide general/store supplies (i.e. shelving, display signage, fixtures)

Provide IT services (staffing & computer software/hardware)

Provide maintenance or custodial services

Provide marketing & communication services

Prospective Non-Merch Supplier Template