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Distributor*, Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer

Distributor of adhesive resins including acrylics, cyanoacrylates, epoxies, hot melts, silicones, urethanes, UV curing, and more. Adhesives are used in every industry and withstands exposure to environments. Products bond to different substrates for various applications.

3M, Alloy Products, Bondmaster, ConProTec, Conap, Conapoxy, Conathane, Cytec, Dow Corning, Dymax, Dynaloy, Eclectic, EconoDot, Elastoplastic, Ellsworth, Epoxi-Patch, FISHMAN, Flame Master, Fluid Research, Fusion, Glenmarc, Glue Dots, Heartland, Hysol, Inc., Jet-melt, KitPackers, Loctite, MatrX,…

Manufacturer of epoxies including epoxy resins. Available as two-part epoxy resins. Types of two-part epoxy resins include all-purpose rigid casting epoxy resins, surface coating epoxy resins & epoxy laminating resins. All-purpose rigid casting epoxy resins are used for molds, dies, duplicate & master models, foundry patterns & fixtures fabrication applications. Epoxy resins are available in different formulations.

Custom manufacturer of epoxy systems for electronics, adhesives, tooling & marine repair & maintenance. Specialty systems include UL 94VO, SMT, COB, underfills, fiber optic, mil spec, FDA & electrical & thermally conductive. Systems are Penta BDE free & RoHS compliant. Technical & application support always available.

Global supplier of monomers, oligomers & other resins used for ultraviolet & electron beam, light cured, peroxide & two-part epoxy/amine curing applications.

ISO 9001:2008 & QS 9000 certified manufacturer & distributor of standard & custom epoxy resins. Products include bi-functional epoxy resins, multifunctional epoxy resins, bisphenol epoxy resins & cycloaliphatic epoxy resins. Services include contract manufacturing, assembling, packaging, filling, kitting & consulting. Markets served include aerospace, automotive & electronics. JIT delivery available.

Manufacturer of cycloaliphatic epoxy resins. Specifications include 0.1 percent acidity, 0.05 percent water, and 350 cps to 450 cps viscosity. Suitable for compound potting, outdoor electrical, composite, and coatings. Applications include outdoor electrical switchgears and bushings, insulator rods, and potting compounds.

24 hr. machine shop & field repair, maintenance, installation & overhauling of centrifuges.

Manufacturer of epoxy & adhesive resins. Sealants, paints, corrosion preventative compounds & lubricants are also available.

Veteran owned. Custom manufacturer and distributor of epoxy and casting resins. Capabilities include molding, casting, CNC turning, milling, fabrication, routing, cutting, broaching, parting, facing, threading, knurling, boring, drilling, counterboring, countersinking, pocketing, profiling, reaming, tapping, bending, bonding, heating, vacuum forming, welding and designing. Additional services include assembly, engraving, etching, non-marring surfaces for acrylic and reverse engineering. Food, sewage and water treatment, agricultural, automotive, transportation, energy, marine, medical, military, government and pharmaceutical industries served. Emergency services available. Meets ASME, ASTM and FDA standards. RoHS compliant. JIT delivery.

Manufacturer & formulators of epoxy resins including one & two component epoxy resin adhesive, epoxy resin coating, epoxy resin potting compound & epoxy resin impregnant. Application engineering & full technical support provided. Also available thermally conductive epoxy resin, electrically conductive epoxy resin, low out gassing epoxy resin for high vacuum, optical epoxy resin with low exotherm, cryogenic epoxy resin compositions, encapsulating epoxy resin compound, fiberoptic epoxy resin & doming resins. Custom manufacturer of epoxy resins single component epoxy resins for heat cure applications.

ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of standard & custom thermosetting epoxy resins. Products include crusher backing epoxies, epoxy machinery installation grouts, construction epoxies, ceramic wear resistant & maintenance epoxies, concrete floor coatings & overlays. Resurfacers, joint fillers, precast form coatings & repair materials & electrical insulation, encapsulation & potting materials are also available. Alumina ceramic wear resistant & steel filled repair epoxies are available in operating temperatures up to 450 degrees F. Construction epoxies meet DOT & ASTM C-881 standards.

Distributor of epoxy resins. Epoxy resins such as liquid epoxy resins, solid epoxy resins, brominated epoxy resins and flexible epoxy resins are available. Epoxy resins are available in different chemical formulations. Epoxy resins are used in construction and adhesives, sealants, composites, paints, coatings and plastics manufacturing industry applications.

Arkema, Beckopox, Crayvallac, Cymel, DEN, DER

Finishing Service Company*, Custom Manufacturer

Contractor services for industrial resins, flooring, coatings, and linings. Capabilities include coating, resurfacing, refinishing, sealing, and repairing. Suitable for reinforce floor surfacing, chemical resistance areas, clean rooms, sumps and pits, conductive surfacing, containment curbs, decks, hazardous waste storages, ramps and steps, loading docks, traffic aisles, trenches, and mezzanines. Serves the food and beverage, aerospace, automotive, commercial, manufacturing, chemical, petrochemical, packaging, and electronics and telecommunications industries.

Distributor of epoxy resins. Thermosetting epoxide polymer cures when mixed with catalyzing agent or hardener. Used in paints and coatings, adhesives, industrial tooling and composites to make molds, castings and models and in manufacturing the rotor blades of wind turbine.

Distributor of epoxy ester resins. Resist to alkali, chemical, abrasion and corrosion. Suitable for coatings on wood, metal and concrete surfaces. Designing, labeling, logistic, products sourcing, warehousing and used tote disposal services also offered. Most items available in stock.

DuPont, G-Cure, Roskydal, Setal, Setalux, Setamine, Setaqua

Manufacturer of decoupage epoxy coating resins with scratch and chemical resistant features. Available with 950 cps viscosity at 75 degrees F and tensile strength up to 8,500 psi. Suitable for table tops, bar tops and other applications. USDA approved. One year warranty.

Manufacturer of plastic laminations, laminated plastic products, epoxy laminates, & custom laminations. Laminators of carbon/epoxy solid panels. Standard panel sizes range from 12 in. x 18 in. to 38 in. x 50 in. Panels available in uniform thickness up to 2 in. Panels available in quasi-isotropic & bi-directional construction. Panels available with plain weave, black matte, glitter effect & peel ply surface finish. Capabilities include CNC machining & routing. Markets served include aviation & drones, semiconductor, automotive, astronomy, sporting goods, orthotic devices, musical instruments, hobby, marine & government.

Manufacturer of phenolic, epoxy and melamine resins. Fiberglass, paper, cotton, synthetic and glass substrates used. Available in different forms including tubes, sheets and rods. Resins are arc, flame, wear, moisture and high temperature resistant. Suitable for use in explosion proof environments. Suitable for panels, washers, switch bases, terminal boards, gears, pulleys, rollers and guides. Serves military, oil and gas, medical device, construction, transportation and aerospace industries. Meets ASTM and NEMA standards and MIL-I-24768 Spec. On-time delivery.

Distributor of woodworking adhesives including epoxy resins. Products include aliphatic-resin glue and composite resin systems. Available in different volume capacities.

Veteran owned manufacturer of epoxy resins. Manufacture, develop, formulate, market and distribute epoxy products including adhesives, coatings, sealants, primers, topcoats,repair materials & binders to the Industrial flooring, maintenance and construction Industries. Specifications include 1,640 psi to 7,600 psi tensile strength, 4,500 psi to 18,400 psi flexural strength, 10,500 compressive strength & 300 cps to 2,000 cps viscosity. Features include chemical, abrasion, impact, wear, acid, graffiti, slip & skid, blush & water spotting resistance. Resins are available in clear, red, amber, yellow, white, beige, blue, tan, orange, black & gray colors. Resins can be used in textile mills, shower areas, food processors, bakeries, warehouse, loading docks, airplane hangers, pulp & paper mills, health care facilities, supermarkets, heavy manufacturing, hotels & restaurants & dairies.

Custom manufacturer of thermal & electrical conductive epoxy resins for encapsulation, mold making & tooling applications. Epoxy resins are available in various sizes & configurations with specifications including 5 cps to 250,000 cps viscosity & 0.95 to 3.63 specific gravity. Epoxy resins are flame retardant & thermal shock & chemical resistant.

High Temperature 700 Degrees F. Specialty Epoxies, & 700 Degrees F Flame Retardant Grades. Chemical & Corrosion Resistant, Protective Coatings. 3000 Degrees F. Ceramics, Putties, Moldables, Potting Compounds, Varnishes, Sealants, & Coatings. Electrically & Thermally Conductive & Instant Setting Grades

ISO 9001 certified custom manufacturer of epoxy encapsulation coatings including resins. Encapsulation resins are available with 15,000 cps to 20,000 cps viscosity, 30 minutes curing time at 150 degrees C temperature, 1.21 specific gravity, 0.189 percent cure shrinkage, 121 degrees C heat distortion temperature, 9,600 psi tensile strength, less than 0.22 percent water absorption, 450 V/mil. dielectric strength, 0.03 W/VA power factor and less than 85 shore D hardness.

Distributor of epoxy resin chemicals such as dimethylaminomethyl phenol and trimethyl pentanediol monoisobutyrate. Suitable for use in applications such as sealant, adhesive, solvent, degreaser, and coating. Industries served include oil field services and construction chemical.

All grain types (loose or bonded) including aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, ceramic and zirconia. All bond types including vitrified, resin, rubber, plastic, epoxy and shellac.

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