Fence Tools

From Homo Erectus to Fence Erectus, weve assembled here the finest tools known to man after nearly 3 million years of tool making. So stand proudly upright, tool in hand, and separate yourself from the rest of the animal kingdom!

From levers to pulleys – cranks, gears, and cams, theres no better (or faster) way to assemble a fence. See for yourself what its like to multiply force and master gravity.

Just be forewarned, most of these tools arent your average father-in-laws tools. Most of these weve personally used for decades and still use today (the same ones). Built tough, built to last, and built to save you time!

HRP5 Commerial Grade Hog Ring Pliers with Magazine

Klein Havens Grip – pull max. 1/4 wire or cable, can be ground-out to accept 3/8 max.

Drill-Fix Tool Case with Drilling Jig For Lock and Keep

Tubing Notcher with 3 – Fence Pipe Cutters (1-3/8,1-5/8,1-7/8)

Adjustable Iwan Post Hole Augers – Bores Post Holes 4-5- 6 diameter holes

Maasdam – The Dog – Cable Grip(pull max. 1/4 wire or cable)

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