Metalworking Equipment Repair

Rebuild and Repair of a Bridgeport Milling Machine

Rebuild and Repair of a Mori Seiki Model MS-850 Lathe

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Repair & Rebuilding of Metalworking Equipment

AtDans Machine Tool, Inc., we specialize in the repair and reconditioning of all types of metalworking equipment. Customers trust us to provide the critical repairs to their mills, lathes, iron workers, benders, and other machinery that keep production running. When a piece of equipment is down or not functioning properly, an experienced technician can make a visit to the customers facility in order to make an initial diagnosis. Depending on the severity of the issue, a repair may be made on-site or the equipment can be transferred to our facility.

For full rebuilds, equipment is cleaned, disassembled, and all components are evaluated for wear. Any belts, bushings, fasteners, and other wear parts are replaced as needed and structural repairs are completed to the frame and body. Ways can be ground parallel and hand scraped to factory tolerances. The machine can then be reassembled and tested to customer requirements. We can also repair and rebuild older equipment that most shops no longer support, including Bridgeport mills. Through our extensive used equipment network, we maintain a significant inventory of hard to find replacement parts salvaged from older machinery. For more information about our equipment repair and rebuilding capability, see the table below, orcontactus directly.

Bridgeport Milling Machine Repair & Rebuild

Before – Bridgeport Machine Repair & Rebuild

Before – Bridgeport Milling Machine Repair & Rebuild

After – Bridgeport Machine Repair & Rebuild

After – Bridgeport Milling Machine Repair & Rebuild

Project Showcase of Metalworking Equipment Repair & Rebuilds

Rebuild and Repair of a LeBlond Regal Manual Lathe

Rebuild and Repair of a Bridgeport Milling Machine

Rebuild and Repair of a Mori Seiki Model MS-850 Lathe

Metalworking Equipment Repair & Rebuilding Capabilities


Our Preventative Maintenance can be performedEconomicallytoPreventequipmentBreakdownsbefore they occur and notify you of potentialSafety Issues!

The Maintenance and Diagnostic Inspection consist of multiple key steps that help prevent premature wear to vital components on your machinery. Our Diagnostic Inspection lets you know if your machinery is operating to Factory Tolerances and its full potential.

Our Preventative Maintenance and Diagnostic Inspection consist of:

Testing Axes, Spindles, Chucks, Tailstock, Leadscrews, Ball Screws and Bed Ways for excessive run out and backlash.

Ensure lubrication and hydraulic systems are dispensing properly. Draining and refilling lubrication and hydraulic reservoirs with new Grease, Way Lube and or Hydraulic Fluids. Also check the old lubrications for contaminants!

Run machinery to ensure all feeds, gears, motors and spindles etc. are operating freely and properly.

Check all electrical components, machinery conduit, on off switches, emergency switches and electrical cabinets to ensure operators safety!

During maintenance our mechanics will adjust gibs, lubrication fittings, handles, loose conduit and electrical connections. Also removing debris, excess grease and lubrication from the body and operating areas of the machinery.

Providing a complete diagnostic report to your company detailing findings.