An impressively flexible material that is suitable for interiors and exteriors, base coats as well as finish coats. Can be applied to walls, floors, counters, shower stalls and can be rendered to achieve an infinite range of textures, from rustic with evident aggregate to smooth and glossy. Composed of lime that has been slaked for seven years, producing an exceptionally durable plaster. Bonds to the surface through a natural chemical process resulting in a durable, breathable, lightfast coating. May be applied directly to any mineral substrate that is untreated, unsealed, unpainted. May be applied to drywall and other non-mineral substrates providing they have been prepared with Bonding Primer.

Qualifies for highest leed certification

Naturally healthy and hypo-allergenic

Zero vocs (volatile organic compounds)

100% permeable and breathable finish, preventing trapped moisture

Naturally high ph value resists bacterial growth, mold and mildew

Non-flammable (can reduce insurance premiums)

P1 Fine Grain All-Purpose Plaster is offered in all 10 plaster colors

P2 Medium Grain All-Purpose Plaster is offered in 1 color (Pierre)

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