Delivery & Collection (Joburg only )

Snow machines simulate falling snow. The snowflakes evaporate leaving no mess to clean up!

**Additional Snow Fluid: R150 per 5L

All items of Winter Wonderland Package 1

Do you want it to look like it has just snowed?

Do you want to make mini snowmen and throw snow balls?

If so then instant fake snow is what you are looking for..

You simply mix the powder with water & it instantly creates soft fluffy SNOW!

Creates approximately 10L of fake snow

* Bulk pricing available for larger orders

Ground cover, fencing and gazebo for a 3 x 3m area, snow powder to fill the snow pit (5cm deep). Delivery & Collection (Joburg)

* Set up and breakdown-R 1 400 (optional)

5 x 5m inflatable dome filled with fake snow (4-5cm deep)

2 x Large Snow Christmas Trees (outside)

Each 2m strand includes 20 lights spaced 10cm apart

Simply fill the mould with water and freeze.

Projects snowflakes onto the wall or floor. Can be still or rotates

Creates thick white fog that hugs the floor. Suitable for a small indoor area. Price includes delivery & collection (Joburg).

Create a Winter Wonderland with our range of snow themed products

Ideal for Winter Themed Parties and Weddings!

A lush roll that is 3m long, 1.4m wide and 5cm thick. You can use the snow blanket alone, or as a base with fake snow on top for a more realistic effect.

Add some fake snow for an even more realistic look!

Stands 1.2m tall. Self inflates in Seconds

Blue uplights help create that chilled winter ambiance

Ideal for dressing large areas such as lawns, trees, plants etc. Non-slip.