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It wasnt too long ago when I mentioned how there was a dearth of tutorials and books featuring the use of the exciting new Czech bead shapes which are becoming more widely available. It looks as if we are getting our wishes come through as another beadwork book is just out. Many of the projects use a variety of Czech beads.

I had a hard time processing that the gorgeous handmade flower corsages made by Lucie Vidal ofLeather Flowers Francewere not real!! Her designs are so beautifully crafted. These are statement corsages which can be worn pinned to clothes or used as hair ornaments.

There are lots of polymer clay flower tutorials out there. Butthis one by Fiona Abel-Smithis different. The flowers are made up of 2 layers of cane petals. The flower itself rests on clay loops which makes these linkable beads. The overall 3D effect is pretty.

Firing base metal clays like copper and bronze is tricky. With silver metal clay, you can even torch small pieces to get rid of the binder to be left with lovely fine silver designs. Copper and bronze metal clay is notoriously difficult. The designs have to be kiln fired and even then, the firing schedule will require individual experimentation.

Like the look of Pandora beads but cant afford them? Or perhaps you are not a lampworking artist. Thenthis tutorial by Linda Weiricha.k.a.The Frugal Crafter, might be of interest. She demonstrates how you can use knitting needles to help form large hole paper beads.

These easy beaded channel ring tutorials are byThe first tutorialis by Natibeads, a Spanish beader who shared in English! It features bicones of different sizes which tapers off to the sides.

Tommaso and Flavio Tossiani of13AlGiorelliare the Italian creators and makers -of etched, engraved and textured aluminum jewelry. The 13Al in the shop name gives away their specialty as aluminum is the 13th element in theperiodic table! These metalsmiths show how beautiful aluminum can be – it is a great substitute for silver.

Nunn Designs Summer Collection certainly brought out droves of readers for the giveaway last week. Laura P nailed it when she said,I get so excited when I see these kinds of photos – they set my mind whirring about all the possible combinations and shapes I could make!The components are very inspirational as is the many lovely examples. There appears to be many boho jewelry lovers among you all!

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