Using a Hama or Perler Bead Board as Resin Domg Tray

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Video 663: These stiff white Perler/Hama boards, actually work better than the flexible mats made for the purpose… Go figure… More Info: Clay Tutor.

* In todays Studio Tip, Im going to show you how you can use a Hama Bead or Perler Bead Board as a Resin Doming Tray (or Mat).

* You may have seen in a previous video, I showed you how to use UV Epoxy Resin on your polymer clay, and cure it in my UV Lamp.

* In that video I used a silicone resin doming tray that I picked up at Michaels.

* It is a silicone mat with little bumps on it that raises the piece you are putting on it… up away from the flat surface… so it is easier to get a dome on the resin without it pouring off the side.

* The silicone mat that I have (the purple one) fits nicely inside my UV Lamp. But because the mat is flexible, its difficult to transfer the mat into the lamp when loaded up with resin coated pieces. The pieces can fall off and the resin runs all over the place.

* SO… I used a CD Case under the flexible mat for support… which does work nicely.

* When I did that resin video, I got a comment from a fellow YouTuber by the name Craftmama. She suggested using a Perler Bead or Hama Bead board as a doming tray instead.

* So when I was at my local craft store (DeSerres this time), I picked up a pack of two 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 Square Hama Bead Boards to test out.

* Sure enough they worked perfectly! Thanks Craftmama!

* Perler Beads and Hama Beads are these large hole plastic beads that you put out on a peg board in different pixel patterns. The plastic beads are then fused using an iron, into a cute 2 dimensional designs. Kids (and adults) make charms, coasters and different designs for playing with, or decorating their rooms. The Perler Bead Boards come in all kinds of shapes, which can be linked together to make larger designs.

* I decided to pick up a bag of multi colored Perler Beads to put on the board. This is a useful technique for planning out Pixelated Cane Designs. This gives me a 2 for 1 use for these little plastic boards.

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