What is the best resin for a bezel pendant

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I just have a quick question for you. I was wondering if you wanted to make a pendant using a bezel using resin, using either paper, dried flowers, fabric etc. which would be the best type of resin to use? Thanks for your time.

The two things you will want are a clear resin and a doming resin.  Clear, obviously, because you will want to see inclusions.  Doming because you want to be able to drop the resin onto the pendant and have the surface tension keep the resin in the pendant (e.g. thick enough that it wont run out).

The doming resin I would recommend is the Envirotex jewelry resin.  It has great doming properties and good bubble release.  You can find it in our clear resin category:

I would also recommend Envirotex Lite or Envirotex Jewelry resin because you will have a shallow pour which these resins are designed for.  I have a post about it on the Resin Crafts blog.

Ive seen a lot of people using Ice Resin for their domed bezel pendants. Im curious, what is the difference is between the Envirotex Jewelry Resin and Ice Resin?

Both Ice resin and Envirotex jewelry resin are doming resins and are suitable for bezels.  Beyond that, I dont have any experience with Ice resin.  In working with Envirotex jewelry resin for bezels, I like that bubbles are easy to get out.  It also mixes well in small quantities.

Thanks Katherine, I appreciate the tip!

ice resin works really well. easy cast resin is also a domeing resin as well

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