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Also known as a Pin Vice, this tool is an essential for weeding vinyl. Better than an exacto, it easily extracts centers of characters with a non-cutting point.

Retractable knife with snap off blades so you can always keep a sharp point. Thumb slider has locking mechanism.Approximately 5 long.

High quality tweezers with a fine point for precise applications as hard to grab centers of characters. Approximately 5 long.

Seal-It Pen is a vinyl graphic edge sealer that uses genuine One-Shot Brand Speed Dry Acrylic Clear to seal the edges of vinyl graphics and helps prevent peeling. Handy felt tip style tip is a real time saver.

Lil Chizler is a scraping device that works great for

helping to remove vinyl with minimal surface damage.

Wooden handled rivet brush with stiff nylon bristles for pushing down vinyl around rivets, corrugation, etc. Approximately 5 long, 1 diameter brush

The Big Blue Safety Ruler is a must have for any sign shop. It is an aluminum extrusion with a slip resistant rubber padded bottom. The vertical piece keeps fingers out of the way of knife blades.

The Sooper Edge Safety Ruler is similar to the Big Blue, but it adds a steel insert where the knife blades rubs against it, and keeps the knives from gouging the aluminum.

Our old standby. Its 5 wide, so its a little

Standard 6 & 12 Squeegee

These unique squeegees are made of felt to reduce scratching on vinyl or digital prints.

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