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, (born 1972 inSt. LouisMissouri), is an Americanrapper,Being aCriphimself, he auditioned for theBloods & Cripsproject in the early 1990s.He is the first rapper, in order of appearance, in the title trackon the album of the same name. His debut album,, spawned two major hits in the United States,including the Top 10 hit Getto Jam, which reached No. 7 on theHot 100. Several further albums were released, and Domino continued to score hits on the R&B charts into the 2000s (decade).

In 1996, Domino appeared on theRed Hot Organizations compilation CD,America is Dying Slowly, alongsideBiz MarkieWu-Tang Clan, andFat Joe, among many other prominent hip hop artists. The CD, meant to raise awareness of the AIDS epidemic among African American men, was heralded as a masterpiece by theSourcemagazine. He also performed on many soundtracks: Russel SimmonsThe Show, Jim CarreysThe Mask, Alicia SilverstonesClueless, Damon WayansBlankmanand Spike LeesTales From The Hood, to name a few.

While his self-titled debut album was critically and commercially well-received, many were quick to point out that his style was similar to that of fellow Long Beach resident and up-and-coming Dr. Dre protg,Snoop Doggy Dogg. He is the first hip-hop artist to perform a No. 1 rap single which contained melodic hip-hop throughout the entire song.[5]Three years later, Domino released his second album,Physical Funk, which failed to become as successful as its predecessor. The video Physical Funk was a No. 1 video on MTV and the album was delayed[clarification needed]before its release due to Def Jam (Russell Simmons record label) dropping Outburst Records (the record label Domino was released on) before the album was released.[citation needed]

Rapper Domino speaks unpleasant truths. The Philadelphia Tribune

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