Use of doming in the cosmetic field

At Synia, we listen to all of your ideas.

Our professional team as well as our technologically advanced machines, positionsĀ usĀ as the

European leader in doming from A to Z

Competent and helpful, we work on our clients project from start to finish.

Our quality charter and our engagement as an environmentalist printer certified by the ImprimVert label, ensure the success of your projects, which perfectly meets all of your requirements!

Our company completely masters the tools from manufacturing to designing high quality doming.

A team made up of DTP operators takes care of your files and ensure they meet the conformity and quality requirements

A high quality doming also depends on a professional printing.

With our deep-rooted experience, our team produces diversified, high quality and innovative domings.

Our team carefully chooses the best finished products to guarantee you an outstanding result.

Your printer is taking action for the environment.

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