Free Printable BubblBath Label

When it comes to DIY weddings, one of the most fun crafts to make ishandmade bridesmaid honor of today being National Bubble Bath Day, we have a few suggestions:

Make Your Own Bubble Bath and Labels

Make your own DIY Honey Bubble bath with this video how-to from Cloe Couture. You can dress it up in a frosty glass jar and apply these labels, a free printable fromEat Drink Chic.

Enjoy a sudsy and relaxing bath. Add some Mr. Bubble or scented bath salts and light a candle. Think of it as your chance to fulfill aNew Years Resolutionand do something for yourself this year!

Perhaps you can figure out a way to take your crochet project in the bath and relax twice as much! We like these freespa gift set crochet patternsfor a bath mitt, bath pouf, soap bag and face cloth. We also suggestsoap carving.