How to Make Name Tags in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word provides many features that useful beyond just writing documents. In the latest versions, including version 2013, you can import document templates such as a name tag template to quickly create a large number of name tags for an event or meeting. You can manually enter each name or you can use Microsoft Word to merge the names and create tags for you if you have a guest list in Excel format or in another Word document.

Launch Microsoft Word, click the Office button at the top left, then New.

Enter name tag in the search box and click the search arrow. Select the name tag template that most closely matches your needs. For instance, consider Name badges Flourish design, Name badges Colored blocks design, or Name badge labels Pencil design. Click Download after you make your selection and click I Agree if an end user agreement window displays.

Manually enter each persons name and other information for each name tag. When you are finished, save your document and print your tags. Alternately, follow the steps in the Mail Merge section. Office supply stores carry paper that is thicker and heavier than standard office paper and is more appropriate for name tags. You can often find paper that is perforated already, so you do not have to cut out each name tag with a scissors.

Click the Mailings tab in the top menu of Word. Then click Start Mail Merge, then Labels.

Select the label vendor for your name tag template paper from the Label Vendors drop-down list. Then select the product code or size that best matches your template. For instance, if you purchased paper from an office supply store that is perforated already, the vendors specific product ID number will be on the packaging. You can match that value to one in the drop-down list. If the value is not in the list, look at the paper packaging for the size of the tags and use the measurements to find a best fit.

Click Select Recipients from the Mailings tab, then click Use an Existing List if you already have a list in an Excel spreadsheet. Click Choose from Outlook Contacts if you want to use your Outlook contacts. Alternately, select Type New List if you do not have a list and want to create one.

Click the Edit Recipient List button in the Mailings tab. Uncheck any names from the list you do not wish to print a tag for, then click OK.

Add merge fields in your template for the persons name and any other information such as title or company. Click on the first tag in your template and click Insert Merge Field. For example, click First, or the persons first name. Then do the same steps and click Last the persons last name. Add other fields as you wish and adjust their location on your template. Copy and paste this format to all the other tags in your template.

Click Preview Results if you want to test the merge and possibly make adjustments. If this step produces the results you need, then save your document and print your name tags. Alternately, you can adjust your format and use Preview Results again in an iterative process to perfect your results.

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