Popular printing technique used mainly for small objects eg. ball pens, lighters, keyrings, business card holders, made of plastic, metal, rubber,paper, glass, wood.

Imprint method used on large and flat area. This method is an alternative to tampo print and it is used mainly to customize textiles and also items made of plastic, metal, glass and wood.

It is a durable and very precise decorating method applied usually on wood, metal, leather and glass. The colour of the logo or inscription depends on material of the engraved product.

Imprint technique applied mainly on textiles, which depends on transferring a special foil with logo or inscription onto the customized surface. Applying this method results in high quality personalization, influences the process speed and enables realization short series.

Technology which enables printing in full color on various surfaces in high resolution 1440 x 1200 dpi, with UV paints (CMYK + white) ensuring intensive colors and perfect covering.

Effective and durable technique applied mainly on leather products and also PU, carton and paper. Stamping involves the use of shaped stamps to create an imprint on a chosen surface.

Durable customization technique used mainly for branding textiles eg. caps, T-shirts etc. Logo or inscription should be first printed using special sublimation ink and then transferred onto the objects surface with a special press.

Durable and very effective decorating technique. A polyurethane layer is applied on the printed label, protecting and magnifying, the imprint underneath. Final product has excellent mechanical, chemical and UV resistance to withstand years of indoor or outdoor use..

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